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2014 Boundary Pushing Engagement Ring Designs

In an attempt to bring spice into one’s jewelry collection, traditional ring settings are being eschewed in favor of more creative design twists.  Whether you’re a fan of vintage styles, statement pieces or classic and subtle accessories, these engagement ring designs will work well regardless of clothing choice, not to mention bless your betrothals beyond words.

Floral detailed

Flowers are a girl’s best friends.  Wait, so are diamonds.  However the sayings go, imagine the look on her face when she sees the best of both worlds melded into one lovely finger decoration.  Inspired by an imagination beyond words, Mark Schneider – to name one – designs these rings which come in various settings.  Those inspired enough to make nuptials memorable should consider this 

new trend of engagement ring


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Medieval appeal

For those brides-to-be willing to slip into something more Arthurian, medieval designs adorned with various Celtic accents are becoming more popular in 2014.  These stunning diamonds are adorned with an ancient metal appeal, the perfect complement to any wedding theme. Nak Armstrong and Polly Wales have begun throwing these styles into mainstream, so expect your local jewelers to carry these settings soon, if not already.

Geometric Gems

Inspired by mathematicians yet bold enough to meet the demands of fashion conscious women, geometric gemstones have sprung into popularity among those seeking liberation from traditional gemstone settings.  Although this intriguing Euro-style has been around for many years, this trend is finally making its way onto North American showroom floors.  

Women’s jewellery

 will never look the same, at least that’s what Stefan Hemmerle, German designer and jewellery aficionado, will tell you.

East-West setting

Resembling an obscure football yet becoming heavily popular amongst younger newlyweds, the horizontal setting, more conveniently called east-west, bypasses the traditional setting in lieu of something more ‘dangerous’.  Marquise cuts are common with this style, although emerald or oval décor looks equally stunning. 

Art Deco

Art deco is an exclusive ring inspired by one’s quest to completely design engagement rings without boundaries. Sure, art deco comes with expensive metals and costly gemstones unlike other rings found in the jewelry marketplace; she’s worth every penny invested.  Colorful design schemes meet various settings such as marquise, bezel and emerald, with stones ranging from ruby to sapphire. You will find many extraordinary art deco rings available in major jewelry stores which could cost millions of dollars – that is, of course, if you’re looking to spend millions. 

Wrap up

These trendsetting gemstones remain hotter than others like solitaire, princess and similar cuts.  The new norm is stepping outside of 1990’s fads and either walk back into the 1400’s, or dive into the 25th century.  Either direction works for the styles above.

Making a lifetime commitment to your new significant other doesn’t mean wasting a lifetime shopping for something unique.  Apart from

these latest ring trends

, marquis cut and various other diamond settings can epitomize the special occasion of love, provided the band is uniquely chosen.  Provided the purchase was made out of love, anything two people choose is perfect.