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This article is from our Fashion-Insider Angela Krewenchuk. Angela regularly provides Retail Insider with fashion updates on the latest trends with her own unique and knowledgeable fashion perspective

Greetings my dear fashion lovers, 

Today I am writing about a fashion matter quite close to my heart this season. In preparation for the warm summer months, I made a quick edit of my swimwear last week. What I found was a boring mish mash of Triangle Bikini after Triangle Bikini. I must let you know that one of the reasons that I love Triangle Bikinis is that they eliminate a lot of the hassles associated with Bikini shopping. The triangles can always be adjusted to the contours of the body; hence they are easily customisable for a plethora of figures with little to no hassle 

This year I yearned for something more elegant and sophisticated. I wanted a one-piece swimsuit also sometimes referred to as a Monokinni. Here are the results of my in-depth market research, which I hope will eliminate hour upon hour of needless change room frustration for you.

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Look 01

Pictured above is my favourite style of Monokini. What makes this swimsuit so desirable is that there is breast support. One of my biggest pet peeves about this style of swimwear is that more often than not if your cups runneth over a C the girls end up riding low. This is not a look that creates a desirable result as far as I am concerned.

Look 02 [Image Source]

Look 02

Gaps may be fashionable for teeth but not swimwear. Now what on earth does that mean?  Simply put, my second pet peeve with Monokinnis is that a lot of them will have fabric gaping between the breast region and the tummy.

The swimsuit pictured here eliminates that issue. When you are looking for a monokinni that has fabric running down the length of your torso always try sitting down in the change room and look to see if the fabric bulges outward in the stomach region. I know that when I am at the beach most of my time is spent sitting on a towel socialising with friends. Therefore, it is imperative that the suit sits flush with my body at all times while both standing and sitting. The ties across the back and torso ensure that your suit will be gap free and ultra sexy.

Look 03 [Image Source]

Look 03

The sheik breast masher. I love the look of these types of swimsuits. Just the other day at Vancouver’s Third Beach located in Stanley Park, I spotted a gorgeous young hipster wearing this style of swimwear. She looked absolutely stunning. My only complaint about this style is that your breasts are essentially squished down by the lengths of fabric running the length of your torso. This type of suit is ultra sheik and looks stunning on ladies with cups running between the A, B and the small C range.

There you have it dear reader – I wish you the greatest amount of distress free shopping in your search to acquire the most figure flattering Monokinni possible for Spring/Summer 2013.