Let’s talk about relationships. Why not!

Being a boy I’m always surprised that it comes down to choices.

“She looked like the kind of woman I could fall in love with. Trouble is, she was standing next to the kind of woman I’d like to make love to.” – Jarod Kintz

That’s the real issue. Choices! You know, I don’t want a relationship. It’s summer and damn she has a banging body.

Women bitch that they can’t meet a nice guy. Guys bitch that they can’t find a nice girl.

So just stop for a moment and think. We all go out looking for that ideal person. The typical Friday night routine. Get cleaned up. Dress up and hit some lounge in Yaletown, Gastown, a pub on Main Street or some other place.

So here’s the problem. Nobody talks to one another. We’re all on our smartphone tweeting, instagram’ing or on Facebook telling the world our thoughts.

You see a group of pretty girls and it’s intimidating. Do you go up and talk to them? Will you crash and burn? The boys are going to laugh at me?

Hold up… Women, you’re no better. Not really sure what you’re saying or experiencing but I’m sure it’s similar.

So we walk go out in groups and we leave in groups. If you’re lucky you get a number or a follow up date.


Say something like “hey there, come here often” or just walk over and introduce yourself and she’ll likely give you the Heisman. You just blew it. Better yet take some time. Observe her… Let’s not get creepy stalkerish on her. But pay attention. Why the hell are you getting her a drink when she has a full glass?

You have a better chance walking over and saying something to engage her, make her laugh and then tell her your name. Now does that sound hard? Make her laugh and talk with her. Leave your bloody phone in your pants. Then when her drink is running low offer to buy her one. Be a gentleman. Chivalry should never be dead. Talk about her passions. What motivates her. What she likes. What she does and where she lives is not important. Now doesn’t that sound refreshing?

Don’t try and close the deal the same night. Ask her out for a coffee or a glass of wine after work (you can take your phone out now and shoot her a SMS with your number and put the phone away again). Show her that she is your priority at this moment. Make her feel like she is the only woman in the room. And really don’t wait 3 F’ing days to call her.

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So now it’s your first mini date. Choose coffee or a drink after work. First rule, don’t worry if she likes you. Dude, she already said yes to meet you.

After work is a great time because of things are going well you can always suggest a quick bite and continue to spend time with her. Remember: – Talk with her. – Listen to her. – Make an effort (It’s not about the money, she wants to know you listen and value her) – Make sure she laughs.

How to ask her out on a proper date? You should know what her favourite food is by now. Ask her. Know where you’re taking her. And set the day. Be confident.

We live in a world of technology with immediate connection but people aren’t technology. Slow down and spend some time getting to know her. I think our parents called it courting.

This isn’t about getting into her tonight.

How is this relevant to fashion? It’s always fashionable to be a gentleman.