Here are some AMAZING MEGALODON SHARK facts for your infotainment:

1.  If a Megalodon shark were found today this is what scientists think it may look like (above).

2.  Megalodon’s teeth were about 7 inches long.

3.  The Megalodon shark ate other prehistoric sharks, prehistoric wales, and giant sea turtles. Megalodon was an Apex predator. 

4.  Some scientists think there may be some surviving Megalodon sharks lurking in the deep sea. We know more about the Dark Side of the moon than we know about the deepest depths of the ocean. 

5.  Megalodon fossils have been found all over the world.

6.  Not only was Megalodon the biggest prehistoric shark that ever lived; it was the largest predatory marine creature in the history of the planet!

7.  Megalodon may have grown to a length of over 60 feet.

8.  Experts speculate that Megalodon became extinct due to climate change.

9.  Some scientists think that Megalodon shark disabled its prey by first sheering their fins before going in for the kill.

10.  Megalodon had the most powerful bite of any creature that ever lived.


The Nightmarish Megalodon | Sharkzilla – Shark Week 2012 from Discovery Channel

About the Author:

When I was a little girl I had some difficulties learning how to read so my father did a survey of what subjects interested me. Well, it turned out I was interested in SHARKS. So, my father bought a number of Jacques Cousteau books. Every night after dinner my father would dutifully sit with me and work on my reading. When we came up against a French word my father would curse and quickly turn the page. Thank you dad for spending the time to help me with my reading.

Years later, when Jacques Cousteau came to Vancouver, I knew people who allegedly knew the troublesome teenagers who absconded with his beloved Zodiac. Reportedly, Cousteau went on live TV and stated that he had traveled the world and never had his Zodiac stolen until he had the misfortune of visiting Vancouver Canada.