Drafted By: Leah Faye at Goddess Astrology.  

Pluto will do this last Dance in Capricorn as it beckons 2015 to be the year of monumental change in our very foundations of government. It all started with the Arab Spring in Egypt and will not stop its momentum as many governments are being forced to acknowledge the state of the people that make up all of our nations. Any measure of prosperity that is not equal is subject to Divine Change as voices amass.  Uranus has brought the technology to the point that we all can share information and find truths beyond mass media propaganda. Pluto doing this amazing dance through Capricorn is tailoring the Phoenix rising of all governments on the planet.


Human Rights and proper conduct are highlighted as we see Barack Obama closing down Guantanumo Bay and demanding the full CIA report of atrocities that are no longer acceptable as methods of interrogation and incarceration. A US flag at Guantanamo Bay. The committee’s report portrays a feedback loop: the CIA embraced torture, then failed to question and review its value. 

So how does all of this affect us? 

From 2012-15, there will be seven “exact” squares, when the two celestial bodies are at the same degree. During these periods, we will feel it the hardest.

  • June 6-July 9, 2012
  • September 18-October 1, 2012 
  • May 15-Jun 1, 2013 Apex Point 
  • October 17-November 15, 2013 
  • April 12-29, 2014 
  • November 26-December 27, 2014 
  • March 11-28, 2015                                            

We will see great changes with loud but futile opposition, Minimum wage will be one of the strongest changes to our demographic in 2015. Not only in Canada but also in the United States. There is no longer any squeeze room for the working class to get along. Poverty has been penalized since the days of the Workhouse back in the 17th and 18th centuries to where those with the lowest incomes now pay the highest margins of Interest. This is all the foundation of Government currently and it will no longer be tolerated. The people’s Voice has been given a resounding global voice and the recent clarity of Police action not being fair, has set the term of conditions that all will hold any government to become accountable for. Basically, if you set yourself up as a representative for the people then you must enact the Truth of the People.

So What shall we do?


Take note of your deepest reluctance, and show your self the courage of belief in your truth. You are a Leader of Ideas and Motivation, Make a Vision, an Idea and decide how the end result will make your life change. You can finally see this peace of mind as your new reality. Your Leadership will then gift abundance, even if it is only yourself you lead..


Now is the time to learn, you have an understanding that needs the authority of further learning. You may need to travel to find an answer or travel to libraries that have answers for you. It is a fantastic time to learn how to live more of your truth.


Time to ask for rewards and feel out the greatest decisions that will set your life course. Do not be timid in your dreams, all will play out if you simply decide what is better for you. Do it and dream it. You have such talent for communication , use it!


All of your relationships now have an opportunity to dramatically change, Look deeply into what you have accepted and ask for more, It is there to be yours, but not until you take yourself off the clearance rack and move yourself behind the glass of precious objects on offer.


Now is the time to be the true Leader that you were born to be. Your health will improve as soon as your attitude believes in better. No hesitation, now as you walk and stand up in your true regal beauty my Lion.


Expect an Infusion of the greatest Love as you pay more attention to your real needs and let go of the security in order to reach your best romantic dreams. Really listen to how you have accepted less in an attempt to make certain you are not lonely. You are never alone when you can truly love you and this year the exact person who meets this need can then find you.


Now is the time to make roots. A very good time to find that perfect place for your dreams to build on. Real Estate is favored and making the commitment to be a nurturer in your current relationships. You will be able to support your spiritual need to give. Spend time on giving to those who will really appreciate your wealth of heart. It will finally take root, so be as honest as you can.


You just needed this time to say what your Truth is. Make it a priority to really do the deep examination and then tactfully say what you really want to happen.You now have the chance to speak your truth in every situation and have it be heard. Remember to use your intuition which is strongest this year and “speak to their listening” Bhudda


Finally you get to make money! And receive all that you have been working so hard for. Its been a long hard road and now you get to sign your own paycheque. Do not ask for less as you have been doing, now is the time to up your price. It will be unpredictable, but will always promise opportunity so say yes, thank you and I will get back to you. Ponder all offers before you accept them


The Biggest task on your To Do List is to decide who and How you want to be perceived. This is the time to totally remake yourself and simply start again with better ideas of what is fair and just in your world. You know what you want, now start to believe it. I do.


Cleaning out the cupboard of mistaken beliefs is difficult, but as you see the results of where you have gotten, your direction will no longer be cloudy. It’s time to remove the fear and embark on your most precious dreams.They are coming true as you read this.


You have true friends that you have overlooked and now see them as your true  relationships.Trust is the clue that they are keepers and now it’s your turn to give what you have been receiving. Let your impulses reward those you love with actions on your part. I promise you will not be disappointed if you are in your truth.

Have Faith and Courage in 2015 it is all of our years to have more and better in life.

Leah Faye 

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