Drafted By: Leah Faye at Goddess Astrology.  

So, I’m experiencing Mercury Retrograde along with all of us on the Planet and the Biggest Issues are brought right back into front and center of everyone’s focus. With all of the Pluto Action going on in Capricorn we are seeing World Governments relying on old and now obsolete solutions.

The Sign of Capricorn is hosting the planet of Death and Rebirth. Capricorn represents our Governments and more intimately our sense of Identity our Ego.

There will be No getting away with Old solutions as we see how Putin was able to take the covert movement between the US and Saudi Arabia try to Devalue the Russian currency as Reagan and Bush did in the 80’s and Trumped them by demanding Gold and Currency as payment for his Oil Exports as payment.

The  result is that he has now cemented an immediate oil price reduction which all of the 95% are feeling the relief from. The Planets are forcing RESPECT for the entire world. This has been predicted in all Holy writings and we all have front row seats to the greatest change our world have ever grown into.  Mercury retrograde will bring this right smack into our face. Nothing happens on earth without first changing our inner perception, Are you brave?

Are the answers getting to the people? apparently not…The Full Moon on Tuesday will crush the opposition and movement towards change will start to be heard in voices and policy changes which are forced by the voice of the people.

 So what is your part in all of this?


Embrace your Truth and Say what you mean. It is your voice that will Lead so choose your words wisely.


You know the Truth about money, are you welcoming it for all or designing  a closet to hoard? Make it beneficial and you will be able to keep your financial growth, Integrity applies here.


Your Intuition is right and you should invest with the knowing of what you have to gain. Make certain it is in the best interest of your whole group to insure success


Investing in your Voice of truth  at home shall be you best opportunity for growing into a stable worthwhile support. Do not let your mind decide, your heart knows best.


Older and more relevant experience is  available to you. Listen, pick out the pieces that are right for you and invest in your romance. This is your time to reap a good and solid relationship.


Time to make rules for your home standing. Your work and health are on a healing trend so allow your own voice to be heard.


You  are so fertile with ideas, opportunities and conceptions. Take the time to wish and proceed with faith. It is time for you to grow into more of yourself on the earthly plain.


Discipline as your truest dreams are about to come to fruition. Do not take foolish chances, get advice and then proceed. You are about to have more than ever before.


To increase value you must lead others in respectful ways, this can only be done by respecting your truth. There is no room to compromise.


After so long comes financial rewards for all of the hard earned work you have done. Gratitude for even a daily coffee is your new attitude and remember to appreciate your hard earned path as you deal with others.


So much is lining up and finally changing for your wealth. You do not owe anyone anything other than respect. Remember to put yourself first on the list. It will only flow this way.


Your wounds now heal as you courageously let go of the memories from the past. Forgiveness releases you but does not obligate you to those you forgive. The freedom is when you leave the past hurt behind so much love is ready to encompass you.