Drafted By: Astrologist Leah Fay Bolton,

I absolutely love this event in the heavens, it causes us all to get out of the waking state of auto pilot and clearly address the issues that are quietly being swept under the table. One of the reasons that this is so powerful I absolutely love this event in the heavens, it causes us all to get out of the waking state of auto pilot and clearly address the issues that are quietly being swept under the table. One of the reasons that this is so powerful is that Mercury (which rules communication) takes on the Flavor of the Sign of the Zodiac where it has been setting up all of your wake up calls on matters that need closure and completion. With Mercury initiating its retrograde in Gemini (which rules all forms of media) its gets a huge boost from the largest planet in our solar system –  Jupiter which means a full tank of Gas in Leo which demands Honesty and Action. One of the Most recent Media incidents to enter the spotlight is the the sexist remarks made to City TV Shauna Hunt Reporter and how she chose to deal with it

 “It happens almost every day, at least to me, my other colleagues at CityNews, and I know other reporters in the city get it all the time. … I remember twice I’ve cancelled live hits. … Of course, everyone’s really understanding of that. But the fact that this is affecting how we do our job, this is the problem.” — Shauna Hunt  

Its not OK but tolerated daily in many work environments and the Goddess is responding with a great big “No”. Any form of Disrespect will be uncovered during a Mercury retrograde such as this and it will demand attention and consequences. I for one am truly grateful to have the added bonus of the world’s collective consciousness spotlighting this part of our daily interactions. Mercury retrograde also focuses on the very basic permissions that come with gender inequality and the absolute unfairness of it. Lauren Wiggins the Moncton New Brunswick High School student is also speaking out for being held responsible for the inappropriate SEXIST male reactions to her halter dress with her mature and eloquent reply! 

“Personally, I thought that was absolutely ridiculous,” she said about the school’s comment that the dress was causing a disturbance in class and causing the male students to lose their “focus.” This portends that our young boys will not need to develop respect for another and if they become stimulated or triggered by what they see then the  female of the species is somehow responsible!

People, we have seen how this has been played out on the world stage with so many forms abusive disrespect on our women and daughters. It all starts with teaching respect as a way of bringing up the future generation and ultimately rewriting our own codes of ethics. It must start within and its up to all of us to really reach inside to see what falsehoods we carry in our own minds. Everyone is precious and deserving of peace and safety, and as long as you are not harmed by another person’s actions, then respect that they have the right to choose different from you and move on. Standing in judgement belittles the great brain you were given and the amazing capability for love each one of us carry’s in our hearts.  Step up during the most auspicious cycle and lets dig deep to correct our own focus as we cannot change the world in any other way.


You’re going to feel your way through emotions now and find a platform to understand why you need to change things. It’s your time to begin a new platform in your world.


Step back as you watch your temper rise as you see how others have imposed by giving you demands and expectations that you are not benefiting from. Its time to reassess where you invest your time and heart.


Lets work on agreements that you are about to make with others. This affects your well being. Choose to enter relationships business or otherwise only if your takeaway is profitable to your soul. All else will fall into place after that  money too! So don’t worry.


Responsibility and recognition come to you now. Plan your time and your routine to be supportive. No more burning the candle at both ends, It all gets done in the end anyway and you will have a firm foundation for your immediate future and success.


Travel and details and dreams of the mind are int he forefront. Making plans with new friends and clearly asking for more in your friendships comes from being able to be clear about your truth. Your only looking for honesty  so be true to yourself and it will be easier for others to give it to you.


Thinking and wondering away in  your so busy mind my Virgo. Work is an area that needs some housekeeping. So, go through your activities there and clean up what no longer works for you.


Time to take a mental health break and let go of all the negativity. That means the thoughts you keep focusing on as well. Plant seeds of better thinking and be gentle with yourself. Rest and be easy for the next while.


Its been a difficult phase for you this past while. You’ll be surprised who turns up to help you. So say thank you and accept the caring and comfort. It was never meant for you to do it all on your own.


Some difficulties to sort through at home. Time to move out all of the old stuff and let your space become cleaner with niceness now and no more ugly people saying ugly things. It all starts with how you’ve been speaking to yourself so be nice!


Hard work is going to provide you with some curious events in a social setting. Be open to new ideas and allow a fresh perspective to embrace you and further your path to your dreams.


You’ve got some long overdue things to say. You will need to address this truth in your environment by sharing it with your circle of people.


Hello my dreamy eyed fishes –  watch the over indulgences right now. Temptation is not for you at this time. Setting standards that ensure your health mentally and emotionally are areas to focus on. Eating well and sleeping properly will assist you to great stability. Go to it!