When: Sunday June 14th.

Where: Culture Lab –  The Cultch, 1895 Venables Street, Vancouver

Tickets:  http://thecultch.com/events/a-course-in-magic/


On Sunday June 14th 2015 we begin ” A Course in Magic ” to stand in your rightful truth, It will all come back to you as we open the door to your dreams and explore rituals of honor and magic. A world where fairies, unicorns and dragons exist, magical memories that  awaken your bliss. It’s a  power that exists for all to use, what is your desire, what will you choose? You are about to change your life as you step into  a magical Celtic world,  as ancient as time, and let your heart feel the passion as it remembers your eternal role in guiding humanity. You have a unique message to deliver, a special part to play in making your life the truest expression of your highest good. Our goal in life is to be genuinely, intensely and consistently happy. Regardless of what that looks like to others. This is a commitment. There are so many magical ways available to create, wish, and pray your dreams into existence.  In remembrance of all we will begin to fill ourselves with knowledge.  Long before man made religion we had the truth, the healing knowledge and the sacred understanding of all Natural Law  it was the Mothers way.

What candle will I use?

What wish will I say?

How to make the most of the magic today?

Which Goddess will grant the most awesome power?

How to to oversee my needs in this special hour?

So it is Chosen, So it will be. My wish is granted for all to see. Faith is solid intention. I am honored to Welcome you.

Leah Faye:

About Leah Faye:

Leah has been a practicing Astrologer for the past thirty-five years and has been helping people make vital decisions by plotting the course of the planets. It isn’t fortune telling or star gazing. It’s a science that has existed for centuries.”Astrology is a mathematical science and an interpretive art,” says Leah. “The math I could teach anyone — the interpretation is something else. It’s a gift.”

“There’s always a good time and bad time to do something,” she explains. ” Sometimes people fall out of synchronization, what I do is get people back into step.” Leah calls herself a Witch and hundreds of clients from all over the world attest to the accuracy of her advice. Some of her clients are celebrities, and some are corporations (the chart set up by the date of the corporate seal) and most become close friends and like family.

Leah has been a past President of The Astrological Association of Western Canada, but her true passion is Magic and she has attained the high honour of becoming “a teacher of Witches”.  Her inspiration began with Shakti Gawain’s teachings and continued for  36 years moving on to apprentice under  the Druid Master Tom Passey.  Her hearts joy is  “A Course in Magic” which which she wrote and continues to teach. Within the course all aspects of Celtic Magic, natural law cycles, sacred rites of the moon, candle spells, and much much more is taught. Leah is also an ordained Ishaya Monk and a practitioner of teaching enlightenment.