1) You are looking forward to doing LAUNDRY on the weekend.

2) You are looking forward to doing PAPERWORK on the weekend.

3) You are looking forward to organizing your high-heel collection over the weekend.

4) You are Looking forward to the weather cooling down so you can BAKE a cake on the weekend.

5) Your freezer is full of homemade PORTIONED food to get you through the workweek.

6) There are more veggies and fruit in your fridge than ALCOHOL and cheese.

7) You want to go to the gym to CLEAR your mind rather than lose weight.

8) You actually start to CARE about your health.

9) That bad boy suddenly looks as immature, abusive, and IRRESPONSIBLE as he really is.

10) Grocery shopping is not as awful and demoralizing as it once was. You realize that Saturday night is a great time to hit SUPERSTORE because you have the place to yourself.

11) You actually start using your stainless steel TRAVEL-MUG when you leave the house.

12) That 4 page INTERVIEW with Cara Delevingne in Vogue magazine bores you to tears and you question why you bothered to slog through such infantile tripe.

13) Your twitter-feed is becoming a FOODIE feed.

14) You secretly look through grocery-store SALE flyers every Thursday.

15) You start packing your lunch because it really is a HASSLE trying to decide where to eat out.

16) You make peace and have ACCEPTANCE with whatever your body-type is and STOP trying to FORCE the impossible.