Drafted By: Stephanie Edmonds

DUNCAN, B.C., June 27th, 2015  – Vancouver Island-based artisan fashion house Salts Clothing is gearing up to celebrate ten years of creating sustainable, comfortable and stylish clothing. July 5th marks the tenth anniversary of the widely coveted British Columbia brand. Founder/designer and seamstress Jennifer Graham is understandably ecstatic about this milestone; in honor of the exciting achievement, Salts Clothing is releasing limited edition t-shirts and tote bags featuring a special tenth-anniversary design.

In an industry where many brands struggle to make it past their first year, hitting the ten-year mark is no small feat. Graham cites sustainability, durability and good old-fashioned love as the keys to her brand’s impressive endurance. Salts Clothing offers dresses, leggings, hoodies and more, screen printed with Graham’s own designs and lovingly crafted with sustainable, eco-friendly fabrics such as hemp, organic cotton and bamboo. What’s more, it’s all designed and made right here in Canada.

Salts Clothing’s main goal in design is to fill the need of their customers with garments that offer both style and longevity. “We focus on quality and long term wearability”, Graham explains. “One of the key factors in our success is really listening to clients and adjusting our line consistently to serve their needs”, she continues, adding that the brand has recently expanded their size offerings to accommodate larger body types. This falls right in line with the recent surge of body positivity in the fashion industry.

With more and more consumers recognizing that the clothing industry is one of the biggest polluters on the planet (second only to the oil and gas industry), and fashion trends leaning towards a more earth-friendly, ethical approach, sustainability is certainly another factor in the success of Salts Clothing. According to Graham, “Sustainability in fashion is a necessity for the future. We need to move towards a better system for getting dressed!”.

The last ten years have been packed with noteworthy achievements for Salts Clothing and Graham. Receiving the Love Vancouver Love Eco Rising Star Award in 2011, being named as a finalist for the Fashion Takes Action designer award, and a successful Kickstarter campaign are just a few of the career highlights the brand has enjoyed since its inception a decade ago.

Armed with eco-friendly fabrics, locally-minded ethics and a larger Vancouver Island factory space on the horizon, neither Graham nor her brainchild will be slowing down anytime soon. In fact, at this rate, by their 20th anniversary, Salts Clothing is poised to be a household eco-fashion name across the globe.

Contact: Jennifer Graham at Salts Clothing  


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