Drafted By: Aly Laube

Psyboos and its Fascinating Founders: Everyone knows that Vancouver loves a good party, and Psyboos is just the company to start one. Determined Duo Bobby Safaie and Victoria Safronova have set a goal to “provide excellent entertainment to people in Vancouver,” and they’re sure to follow through. The pair’s dynamic is unique; while Victoria’s personality is exuberant and outgoing, Bobby is reserved and introspective. However, rather than hindering them, their vast differences help the partners; where one struggles, the other thrives. During my meeting with the founders at the Shangri-La (the site of a Psyboos photo shoot), this relationship was quickly defined. 

“He’s the shy one,” Victoria motioned, to a silent Bobby, while she gleefully shook our hands. “I’m Victoria.”

Although it’s not a match that one might expect to succeed, it’s exactly what makes them special; Bobby handles the technicalities, and Victoria mixes and mingles. Both of the founders have experience with business, but their true passions lie in other fields. For Bobby, it’s sound production and management, and for Victoria, it’s the glitz and glimmer of entertainment. Of course, every successful event needs to be planned well, but a party’s nothing without the fun. Psyboos – or Bobby and Victoria – have both bases covered.  

“With us being different gender partners,” said Victoria, about why she works so well with Bobby, “I bring more creativity to the table. Bobby is all about business.”

Nevertheless, they do have one thing in common: their hopes for the future.

“Having the same goal makes us work as one machine, giving us the possibility of being as dynamic as we only could.”

Models at a promotional Psyboos photoshoot for Rouge & Blanc
Models at a promotional Psyboos photoshoot for Rouge & Blanc

On the first of August, their journey to reaching that goal will begin. Psyboos is set to host their premiere event, deemed “Rouge & Blanc” for it’s dress code: a boat cruise and after party for Vancouver’s top movers and shakers. The evening will feature tasty food and drinks, live entertainment, and a rooftop yacht party, all with spectacular views of the Celebration of Light fireworks. Once the show ends, the guests will be chauffeured to one of Vancouver’s finest venues, where they can celebrate the night away. Surely, it won’t be an evening to forget. In fact, it will be a mere glimpse of what Psyboos has to offer, and what is yet to come.  

“We want Psyboos to become a company that is known for the best parties in the city,” added Victoria, about their upcoming plans, “and we are working towards being defined as ‘the company that knows how to party’!”

A Psyboos banner for Rouge & Blanc
A Psyboos banner for Rouge & Blanc

Without a doubt, they’re on their way to success. The future looks bright for Psyboos, not to mention social butterflies, networkers and partygoers across the city. With founders who compliment each other so well, running such a fun enterprise, things can only get better. Bobby and Victoria have business in making memories, and Vancouver is ready to be pleased.

Learn more about Psyboos or buy tickets to their events here.