This year marks the fifth edition of Art Vancouver, Western Canada’s largest international art fair. Taking place April 25-28, 2019 at the Vancouver Convention Centre, the growing event – which now represents artists from over 20 different countries – is partnering with two other international art fairs: Art Kaohsiung and PLAS Art Fair.

Art Kaohsiung is now entering into its seventh year as an art fair, providing the Taiwanese art market with exposure to a range of galleries from China, Japan, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and the United States. Focused on being the platform of Southeast and Northeast Asian art, Art Kaohsiung focuses on using art to develop further cultural exchanges.

PLAS Art Fair is an exhibition in Seoul, Korea that specializes in the plastic arts and various forms of sculpture. A unique, niche concept for an art fair, PLAS is attempting to create a “Korean plastic art wave, [the way that] K-pop does.” It aims to display art that uses various combinations of artistic genres and experiments with media.

The partnerships come at a fitting time. With the mission of educating, inspiring and empowering the local and global arts community, Art Vancouver’s theme for the 2019 show is Uniting Nations through Art. In addition to the art work, attendees of the event can take in panel discussions, art classes, live art demonstrations and guided tours focused around the subject of seeing and sharing creativity from various parts of the world.

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