Dark. Luscious. Forbidden. Taboo. The Dark Knits runway on Friday, September 19th is sure to titillate with their body hugging and modifying garments. Styles including corsets, top hats, frilly skirts made from tulle, shiny latex, pvc and more. 

Being from Alberta, I have spent quite a bit of time in Edmonton, AB, and while it was years (and years ago), a creative scene was thriving and farmers markets, vegetarian restaurants and hemp wear was clustered about. Somewhere amidst the steakhouse and oil wells, designer Nikki Styxx fell in love with the macabre and began her label in 2006. Underground scenes are notorious for having very well established dress codes which can be heavy on the pocketbook and she was looking to change that. 

It is fantastic to see that the underground scene thrived so well that they are now above ground (and showing at VFW!) and no doubt designers such as Dark Knits had a hand in that or perhaps, one could say, whipped the scene into shape!

From her own words on Twitter, Nikki says that she started designing and developing corsets and such as a way to ‘provide affordable options’ to those who wished to explore their inner darkside or delicious demons! Her lines are smooth and straight, the boning is rigid and the ruffles are pretty but stern. Visit her FB page to see more of Dark Knits and the most current designs.

Really looking forward to the show and hope it is just as haughty, risque, delightful and entertaining as it can be!

METRO LIVING ZINE IMAGE CREDIT: Vancouver Fashion Week (www.vanfashionweek.com/dark-knits/)

Nikki started Dark Knits Boutique in 2006 to give life to her passion for all things creative and her belief that everyone should be able to have a spectacular handmade quality piece in their wardrobe. Each piece Nikki makes, from corset to costume to top hat, is custom, unique to both her vision and that of the client’s demands, and is of heirloom quality. Dark Knits Boutique is also founded on Nikki’s commitment to beauty in all shapes and sizes. In April of 2013 Nikki released a photo book titled ‘Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful’ to further speak to this commitment. Dark Knits is where the macabre, the inclusive, the creative, and the well-tailored fuse together into wearable art.”

METRO LIVING ZINE IMAGE CREDIT: Vancouver Fashion Week (www.vanfashionweek.com/dark-knits/)

FB: DarkKnitsBoutique / T: @darkknits