Try waking up every night after a mildly triggering event at,


The triggering event can be something as insignificant as having someone cut you off in traffic nearly causing an accident.

But your REPTILIAN BRAIN does not know the difference and perceives a THREAT to your SAFETY. Night after night you wake up perspiring. Your heart is pounding and you find it next to impossible to fall back to sleep.

Try walking across a downtown urban street in broad daylight and ending up short of breath for no readily apparent reason. But your in good shape. You do at least 40 min of cardio 4 or more times a week.

Your heart is racing while crossing the street like you have been on the StairMaster for 20 min at level 9. Even though in that moment you are clearly safe.

Your AMYGDALA was aroused WEEKS, MONTHS, YEARS ago by a SIGNIFICANT traumatic incident. Or, a series or traumatic incidents.  

However, today – when you were cut off in traffic the REPTILIAN portion of your brain became activated. Your body wrongfully thinks your in the jungle and a Tiger is chasing you. If any of that sounded familiar?

Homewood Hospital in Guelph Ontario has the only inpatient PTSD recovery program in Canada. It is a 2 month program. If you do not have extended health insurance an application can be made to Vancouver Coastal Health to cover the $72,000.00 inpatient admission fee.

Link to Homeweood PTSD Recovery Program:…/post-traumatic-stress-recovery