Multi Talented Actress Therés Amee Garners Rave Reviews from the Directors for Her Leading Roles in “Red Runway” & “Owen and Drew”

Therés has been cast as the lead in the feature film “The Heather Project” that will go to camera on July 3rd in Vancouver

Multi talented actress Therés Amee is receiving rave reviews for her leading roles in the feature film thriller Red Runway and web series Owen and Drew. Yared Gabrekidan, director, writer and producer of Red Runway states, “I sought out Therés and her remarkable acting ability based on her outstanding reputation and achievements in her field. In her leading role as Lucy in the film, Therés portrayed an experienced and tough to please adjudicator. She gave life to her character with a highly convincing performance that impressed everyone involved in the project. Her past achievements in the fashion and modeling world enhanced her representation of her character, as the film encompasses the raw brutality of the industry.”

Red Runway is a racy suspense thriller that takes the audience on a journey through the world of fashion, where murder, money, manipulation, sex, drugs, and unbridled jealousy are all steps to ensure success. Red Runway is being distributed through Legacy Film Works. Featured in Shine on Hollywood Magazine as one of the “Top Black Industry Professionals” in 2013, Yared Gebrekidan is a filmmaker is also known for his work on the films Behind the Killer Line, the upcoming film War for the Planet of the Apes, and Night at the Museum 3: Secret of the Tomb, which grossed over $363 million worldwide.

Therés also plays the leading titular role of Drew in the web series Owen & Drew. The series follows two housemates who have to figure out a way to get out of debt or else they face eviction. Their only hope is an ex boyfriend who became YouTube famous overnight. Therés’ character Drew experiences a downfall in her career, being forced to put her creative musical aspirations aside to pay the bills through corporate gigs. Her situation does not help after dumping ex boyfriend, ‘Puke Fighter Paul,’ who ironically becomes Youtube famous after ‘puke fighting’ with a bar goer while he drinks his feelings away over Drew.

Director Erick Boychuk and Creator James Challis both agree, “Therés contributed incredible comedic, dry yet vulnerable acting that made the series as enticing and successful as it was. It’s even more impressive that Therés was such an amazing comedic actor, as she has always leaned to more dramatic roles, and her look is very bold with intensity on camera; but she nailed it to a tee, completely stealing the show with her performance. The production turned out to be a great commercial and critical success, garnering great exposure on YouTube and other platforms. Therés was most definitely leading to this film and I cannot commend her enough for delivering such a stellar performance.”

Just announced! Therés has been cast to play the lead role of Heather, a young woman who goes along with an assumed suicide after a devastating break up in The Heather Project which goes to camera on July 3rd and will be filming throughout July in and around Vancouver, B.C.  Heather returns to her dysfunctional family for her ‘perfect’ younger sister’s wedding. Creator, writer, director, Gina Davies (A Series of Unfortunate Events) has an extensive film background and has been writing this project for years, basing the storyline and character arcs to her own family experiences. Gina’s goal is to bring awareness to mental health and the individuals affected. 

Therés has combined her business background with her art and is now heavily involving herself on the production and development side of film. Therés has trained immensely over the years studying all mediums and techniques of the business. She has trained in Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa and Los Angeles. She has studied acting at McIlroy & Associates and most recently Therés attended the summer session at world renowned acting conservatory, Esper Studio in New York.’

Originally from Victoria BC, Therés grew up knowing the arts were her path. Therés attended every drama class, acting workshop, or theatre group she could make time for. After graduation, she attended post secondary on the opposite scale of business and sciences. After training full-time at Vancouver Acting School, Therés involved herself in modeling, hosting live fashion events and galas, to getting her firearms license, training in stunts and combat, to theatre/film production and direction.

She wrapped her work on Public Schooled, directed by Kyle Rideout, starring Judy Greer, Grace Dove, Russell Peters, and on the history of comic books series, Heroes and Villains. Therés attended the Tribeca Film Festival in New York for the screening of Sweet Virginia, the gritty thriller in which she appears with Christopher Abbott. The film also features Jon Bernthal, Imogen Poots and Rosemarie Dewitt. She recently attended the Cannes International Film Festival for film projects that she is developing and marketing.

Therés Amee is available for interviews and photos upon request.

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