Therés Amee is wonderfully candid, dynamic, and upfront. Fresh back from NYC, I was enthused to be given the opportunity to interview Therés about her whirlwind summer at the Esper Studio. From acting, to modelling, to her past experience in hosting/mcing live events, she is always on the go executing and constructing a new project. Now, she can finally sit back and breathe in the beautiful west coast air in her home town. Below readers can take in a snapshot of her exciting summer in NYC.

Written Interview Questions

How and when did you get your start in acting?

I started acting when I was 6, but didn’t take it seriously until I was twelve. Every year the seventh graders at my school did a play. I was cast as the lead in our Greek Mythology adaptation of, ‘Eros and Psyche.’ Being on stage, acting as Greek Gods and Goddesses, well it doesn’t get much better than that. I instantly fell in love.

Briefly describe what your experience was like attending acting school in New York City.

Training at Esper Studio was a surreal experience. I was first introduced to Meisner and Fitzmaurice through my coaches and instructors in Vancouver. The impulsive, in the moment honesty worked well for my process, and I wanted to go back to the Guru who innovated this art form into a modern day technique. Enter, The William Esper. 84 years young, but still exudes his sharp passion and direction. Witnessing every beat and never missing a moment, but be damn sure he will call you out if you do. The first couple classes I had to snap myself into reality. My heart was racing too rapid for me to even take in his direction, ‘Oh me? You, Bill, are directing me??’ StarStruck to say the least.

Apart from acting, we enrolled in Movement, taught by Ted Morin (Who is also Canadian and I am stealing back to share his wisdom on the West Coast..stay tuned..) Voice and Speech, taught by the poly-talented published author and vocal coach, Patricia Fletcher and OMG- MASK!! Mask was by far my favourite course. Our instructor was one of the four people in the world who teach this practise, and the only one who taught in America. We trained with one of kind, custom made Balinese masks that evoked certain character qualities and repressed emotions. Each mask you worked with was given to you for a reason, and you were encouraged to allow the Mask to enter and lead you. Scary shit, but some serious magic when you finally surrender.

Every day, no matter the level of exhaustion, I had to somehow stop and take in the fact that I was living and learning my craft in NEW YORK. You could have the worst day, take a walk, and witness s subway or street performer that probably had more passion and talent that some actors on Broadway. The city is screaming at you 24/7, all you have to do is higher your pitch.

What part of the job as an actress do you love. What part of being an actress do you
detest (be honest now).

I love exploring a character. I love stepping outside of myself and truly allowing another being to use my body to tell their story. It’s a true honour and is always a different experience.

I detest the demeaning circumstances that female performers still have to fight against. From the stereotypical casting couch, to the derogatory character types, to the negotiation for equal pay amongst our male costars. Yes, numerous woman are making changes and advances in the unfortunate Hollywood standards.. usually directed by men. Knowing your morales and sticking to your self respect is paramount in this industry. And it will test you.

What three actors/actresses inspire you and why?


Barry Pepper – I met him when I was 15 in my hometown, Victoria. Me and a girlfriend went to the, ‘Snow Walker,’ screening and I was blown away by the back story and production development. We met him after and I remember how direct and engaging he was. I was shy to tell him that I wanted to be an actor, but he smiled and said ‘Damn right you do. And Ill have the privilege of saying that I knew her, I met her before it all happened.’ Im pretty sure I started to cry. The guy’s a dime.

Daniel Day – Because he is Daniel Day..

Robyn Williams – Bless Him.


Gal Gadot- Coming at you as our first modern day Wonder Woman!! This chic is the real deal. After serving two years in the Israelian Army, she then went on to pursue a career in law. She was first called to audition for the role of the Bond Girl in Quantum of Solace. Even though she didn’t get the part, that same casting director suggested her for the Fast and Furious Franchise where the director liked that she had knowledge and a background in firearms. The girl did all her own stunts, and is know going to grace the screens with even more bad assery as Wonder Woman. Goals.

Amy Schumer – Sets the map for others to follow. She is unapologetic when it comes to her humour and opinions of Hollywood, and has never suppressed herself to fit into the mold of beauty and body image.

Elizabeth Olsen – Sorry MK and Ash, but your sister beats you when is comes to acting chops.

What do you love about Vancouver and what do you dislike about Vancouver (be honest now)?

Alright here it goes.. I love the fresh air and mountain breeze. I love our quality of life and the convenience of BC exploration. I dislike the superficiality and false arrogance that, for some reason, primarily Vancouverites feels the entitlement to exude. I dislike the pretentiousness in the downtown core, and I detest the social climbers that are oh so desperately obvious. My circle primarily consists of gems that didn’t grown up here. They grew up in smaller towns or across the world, and brought over their wholesome humility to the west coast. Now I am not saying that everyone in Vancouver is a snob. I wouldn’t have lived here as long as I have if that was the case. We are programmed to wear an armoured front, that is just waiting for someone non-threatening to come and break through. Some of my strongest friendships have started this way, where we still laugh at how we thought the other was more of a bitch. Strong women, attract strong women. And it takes courage to be effected and open to someone else’s force.

What words of advice would you give to someone starting off in the industry that you wish you had been given when you were starting out in acting?

Know why you want to do this, and I mean really know why. Get specific, make a list, think of the stories you want to tell and the audiences that you want to influence. Guard your principals and morales and do not let any ‘superior’ make you question what you are willing to do to get the part. Do not compare yourself to your friends and peers. This industry is so off the charts random, that there is no recipe for success. Everyone will have a different experience and it is a marathon, not a race. Read plays, see theatre, take part in indies, stay thankful.

Do your parents approve of you being an actress?

Now they do. I was pursuing a science degree when I finally decided that I couldn’t deny my passion anymore. It was a tough pill for them to swallow, but they are two of my biggest fans. My mother has come to every play and my father is always saving newspaper articles about the arts and movie bizz for me. I adore them.

If you were not an actress, what other job would you like to be doing?

I have always loved writing. I have written a few screenplays and two shorts, which Im still deciding what to do with.. I also contribute to a few different fashion and lifestyle magazines.

What is the one fashion trend you wish had never happened?


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