Art Fairs are often attributed solely to glitz and glam – but all good and reputable international art fairs have a serious responsibility to nurture and showcase emerging talent -and this year Art! Vancouver will do exactly that.

At the start of March Art! Vancouver launched an Instagram contest aimed at elevating the profile of emerging local artists. Artists were encouraged to create an artwork on a small (5” x 7”) canvas that represented their interpretation of the theme: ‘Ignite Your Voice.’

“We were on a mission to engage with a community of artists who had perhaps never considered exhibiting at an international art fair before” explains Petra Giffard – who has been overseeing the contest.

“The response has been truly amazing! People’s interpretations and reactions to the theme have been so diverse – some are heartwarming, others are empowering. People have a story to tell and if we can give them and their artwork a platform… well, then we’ve done our job and helped to ignite voices.”

In fact, the response has been so strong that the event organisers have decided to include as many of the submissions as possible, and will expand the display to include work by over twenty five artists.

“In the end it felt wrong to choose one person’s story over another.” explains Petra. “We want to promote engagement, inclusivity and empowerment so it felt right to include everyone.”

The Ignite Your Voice artworks will be displayed as part of Art! Vancouver 2018 and all participating artists have been invited to attend. For tickets or more information about the Art! Vancouver 2018, please visit

About Art! Vancouver
Founded in 2015 by Director Lisa Wolfin, Art! Vancouver is Western Canada’s only international fine arts fair and features local and international artists and galleries. The fair includes a diverse collection of exhibitors, along with an Opening Night runway show and an extensive speaker series. The event attracts international visitors with a genuine passion for art, including a range of influential, creative professionals.