Drafted by Leah Bolton: Goddess Astrology.

Times of Change and what is our Best Move?

In the beautiful Sunset we are all seeing at this time, Jupiter in his Glory along with Venus are both forcing the issue of simple human respect and will spotlight any actions that are in place to take away the right to have peace.. Can you think of any areas personal to you that show incredible encroachment into your personal peace? The way the world has been ruled with patriarchy and giant systems of money are now losing their power to direct the flow of humanity in a truly amazing way. All of the voices of people can now be heard with an astounding roar when ill is perceived. This is happening before mainstream media can be set in motion by Big Corporations. Since more and more people are showing accountability, we are seeing all of the areas where we have the need for the biggest improvement to our own human race.

As the strong pull of Jupiter transits this summer with all attention on the governing bodies, we will support gentleness and peace to a point where our voices will scream when we are forced into accepting false news and false ideas. There are many astrological events bringing this into play and I will not bore you with the details…you are already witness to all of the helpers showing up in situations that you’re faced with. Keep looking for the helpers and keep helping everyone you can, kindness will create a difference that will be seen. When you become uncertain just look to the sky and see the wondrous reminders in the heavens and know that all is in alignment for a very exciting time of change in our world.


You’re going to be feeling quite popular, so before you jump in to any attraction, remember: Just because someone desires you, doesn’t mean they value you. Keep this in mind for all offers on the table and really invest in your self.


There are a lot of ideas in your sight to increase your value and your security. Listen to what can support you in your highest good, its always your best move. Then proceed and enjoy. Do not get lazy.


Now is your turn to listen, to your heart, more specifically. Get quiet enough to hear what you have been ignoring by compromising for a duty. Do you really want to keep up other peoples expectations if you can’t 100% benefit? I think not my little twin soul.


Within the week you will be reminded of a long term agreement you made, a long term investment in your spirit and heart. Its waking up and will show you the seeds of promise for holding the faith. Spend time right now building up yourself a healthy environment so you can enjoy the coming events. It will be easier now than at other times.


Its a lucky time for you right now although a caution not to overdo it in any one area. You could have a sudden windfall, but its most likely a great pay-off for efforts you have been hard at work for. I remember my teacher saying “In the event of a Lottery winning, only one ticket wins.” Buying an excess does you no more good than buying just one. You can win in so many ways, just be open to everything.


Oh my great thinker, As you think upon what you want, know this, if you say yes to it and then you get in the middle of it, and you say, “Uh oh, this isn’t really turning out the way I wanted it to,” thenyou choose a different version, and say, “Well, it’s still not quite right.” You cannot get it wrong.Decide what the outcome looks like and hold that thought. No creation is ever complete. Just do it. Its all a matter of physics in the end and your thoughts are your magnet to your reality.


Its a time to invest in your health and rest. Your fatigue is from a spiritual place and you are seeing it in the physical. That means you need to refresh yourself with inspiration. Weed out those who would take away your happiness and clean up your workplace to be supportive to yourself. Ease will follow your efforts. Even a great movie can remind you of your soul’s happiness, so go enjoy your dreams.


Your joy is your idea of what you want, and that’s why it is so important for you to get everybody else out of the equation. They’ve got their own game going on; stick to your plans. Everything you want is coming down the road to you right now. Play safe and have a great time.


Partnerships are the main area of energy for you. Are all of the agreements still in your best interest? Its time to go through all of your agreements and rewrite those that no longer have you winning. This will bring you a strong contract, and give you room to change as your needs are met.


Every so often you wonder why all the hard work and effort? Its a good thought and you’re right it doesn’t have to be so hard, but it won’t change until you ask for more. Stop doing work that goes unrewarded and start rewarding yourself with some playtime and fun. Its exactly that you need right now.


You’ve changed things recently in your daily environment, keep refining your truth and enjoy the great healing that you can now make the most of. Just a little effort will bring fantastic changes that can now last and remain for a very long time.


So its wake up time???? You need family and friends and that means you’ll have to leave the comfort of your closet to go out and meet them. Its time to fall in love with a beautiful person, hint: its you and then you will attract the best match.

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