A Personal Meditation on Depression

All too often we can scan through a social media feed and mistakenly think that other people are happier, sexier, thinner, and ultimately having more fun and getting laid more often.

I'm going to share a secret: After a series of very unfortunate life circumstances beyond my control I suffered through what could be characterized as a clinical depression. The criteria often used to diagnose clinical depression is - a depression lasting longer than 3 consecutive months.

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Reminiscing: Aerobics & The Buggles – Video Killed the Radio Star

Sometimes - fact is indeed stranger than fiction. On September 7, 1979, the Buggles released the album titled The Age of Plastic with the hit song Video Killed the Radio Star. That same year I was in preschool about to enter kindergarden. I went to an experimental elementary school in the district of North Vancouver in BC called Blueridge Elementary School.

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