A lot of people ask me how I balance being a mother of three young children, taking care of myself physically and mentally, and following my dreams of being the world’s first conscious, mainstream mom rapper. Let me tell you it’s not always easy but with practice, focus, prayer, meditation and dedication it’s getting easier!


I am very diligent about scheduling personal time for songwriting and rap practice, working out, yoga, hubby time and family time (not listed in order of priority). When my husband is out of town I hire help to watch the kids one or two evenings a week so that I don’t fall of the wagon in the areas that are important to me. 


I have a new daily routine where I spend time in solitude in the mornings so that I can be a more grounded and fulfilled mom to my girls (who have TONS of energy and emotions so they need me to be present and stable so that I can support and take care of them without me getting drained and frustrated by 9am!).

Let me say that I wouldn’t be able to follow my dreams with ease if it wasn’t for the love, support and rooting-on from my amazing husband, Sean. He is my biggest cheerleader and encourages me to go for my dreams constantly. Not only is he my life partner and co-creator of our three, beautiful children, he also creates all the beats for my custom business raps. It’s a great partnership and our plans are to have him manage me as an artist when it gets to that level.


I am so blessed that I have found a way to merge my career passion with my family. My family comes to pretty much ALL of my performances and often come on stage with me. It’s only a matter of time before we are traveling the world together, inspiring audiences across the globe. I liken our crew to a modern day version of the Von Traps from the Sound of Music (although I’m usually the only one performing since everyone else is too shy)!

My vision is to inspire those who like listening to rap and club-style beats with edgy yet meaningful lyrics. I see myself being a role model to girls, women and moms, kind of like a rap version of Katy Perry!

I love including the girls in the manifestation of my dreams, so when I’m writing songs for businesses or for my first EP, I often place myself in our small home studio so that they can hear the beat beats through the loud speakers and be part of the creative process with me while I’m on the mic practicing.

I encourage everyone, especially mothers, to find something outside of their required roles in life that inspires them and that is more of a desire than an obligation. Look back to your childhood and find something that you enjoyed, even as a hobby, and spend some time nurturing that creative part of you that you may have abandoned many years ago due to the obligations that come with life roles. I swear it will make you a more productive, grounded and happy person! And spend at least a few hours a week doing that activity, working up to an hour per day.

Here’s a track I co-produced with my husband Sean a few years ago (Sean can be found on Twitter as @trinibeatz and his web site ishttp://www.lifeandmusic.ca). It’s about the Ford Flex and features our family just before our third child was born. http://youtu.be/RZFFYI0sB6E