Drafted By:  Ana Badila / Badila Beauty 

This is Vanity:

With every pride we take in our appearance, achievements or belongings we are pushing ourselves to our limits, starving our souls and emptying our lives of what’s important. We put on masks, creating personas of grandiose proportions to preserve our sense of worth. Under this identity crisis, we hide a deep fear of meeting ourselves and showing the world who we really are.  But who cares more than we do? None! We are creating a life we don’t own, pleasing the world’s standards and forgetting we crave authenticity in feelings, connection and experiences.

If only we could set aside the vanity and return to our essence and be compassionate about ourselves. True self love does not come with pride, it comes with allowing ourselves to be weak sometimes, allowing ourselves to believe our dreams are important and allowing ourselves to love the faults we have, because those make us unique and special. 

Let’s just forget about how to meet the media’s standards, our significant others unrealistic expectations, or our parents’ dreams for a life they couldn’t make for themselves and free ourselves of all the burden, spreading love and inspiration. Shall we?

Photo Shoot Credits:

Photographer: Ronald Lee https://www.facebook.com/TheRonaldLee?fref=ts

MUA: BadilaBeauty https://www.facebook.com/BadilaBeauty

Model: Kristina Trangosova   https://www.facebook.com/ktrangosova?fref=ts

Designer: Ana Jost  https://www.facebook.com/ana.jost.1?fref=ts

Venue: Ronald Lee Studios https://www.facebook.com/ronaldleestudios

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