Drafted By:  Ana Badila

Wrath is the destructive vice, the feeling that rises within oneself like a mighty tumultuous wave. It’s a special kind of anger, the all consuming kind. The kind that disassociates ourselves from all our desires and all our virtues save the anger of the moment. It focuses us, but only toward the object of our anger. It inspires hate. It inspires destruction. It inspires an intense desire for the suffering of its object. It is like a mighty light the blinds us to all but the great rage within.


It is like a geyser that pushes it’s steamy exhalation skywards, where the sky is our enemy. It is like a volcano which spews fiery malevolence down towards the object of our anger. It makes us feel like a force of nature, strengthened by the the great rivers of adrenaline flowing through our body. Indeed we feel like a mighty river itself against which nothing can hold. It makes us feel like a bursting dam, our anger flowing like the great waters of a once chained river down towards the weaker things below. It makes us feel utterly free, utterly independent, utterly sovereign in the face of all odds.

This is delusion incarnate. Wrath blinds us to how things really are, calling on us to surge forward and only forward, with all the destructive power that the inner storm of anger allows. It puts blinders over our eyes, and this cripples us. It prevents us from acting how we truly desire, so strongly we are consumed by the magnetic power of the thrust of our anger.


Wrath is the great reckoning, the upheaver, the strongest mover. Wrath is like a Ragnarok, but too often is it ourselves that are vanquished in the made storm of our own making. Wrath is the double-edged sword that always cuts its targets, but most of all it cuts ourselves. Wrath is the great self-destructor.


Photographer: Ronald Lee https://www.facebook.com/TheRonaldLee?fref=ts

MUA: Badila Beauty https://www.facebook.com/BadilaBeauty?ref=hl

Model: Carole Methot https://www.facebook.com/carolemethotmua?fref=ts

Designer: Ana Jost https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ana-Jost-Designs/210353619092647

Venue: Ronald Lee Studios https://www.facebook.com/ronaldleestudios

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