The Vancouver book launch will be held tomorrow at (Friday/September/18) : 4468 main St, Vancouver, British Columbia v5v 3r3

Sherry Duggal’s book “Beneath The Surface” was first released in Mumbai, Maharashtra India via Leadstart Publishing.“Beneath The Surface” combines her passion for mind body medicine and the written form of expression. Her book is meant to create emotional and spiritual awareness. Being a writer, Sherry has delved into many genres of writing. Her play “Love Therapy” was featured in the “Masala! Mehndi! Masti!” festival, the biggest South Asian Festival in North America in Toronto, Ontario. She presented her play “Eve :A Balancing Act” at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the biggest theatre festival in the world. She was one of eight featured writers for the “Pull Festival” where she presented her ten minute one act play in Vancouver, B.C. She has also performed at the “India International Center” in New Delhi, India. Sherry can be seen at numerous events locally and was a featured writer for “World Poetry”, “Writers International Network”, “Poetic Justice” and the “Surrey Muse”. She has also performed for the Rabindranath Tagore festival and the Sufi Legacy Conference. Her writing is sufi inspired. In 2014 she received the “Empowered Poet Award and this year she received a grant from the Hari Sharma Foundation for her travels to India . In 2015 she performed in Mumbai, India and was also featured in the Lucknow Literary Festival, one of the top six literary festivals in India.