Mheyah Bailey

I believe we all long for more connection and LOVE in our lives and my passion and purpose is to support others to make positive transformations focusing on practical insights, strategies and skills to create chosen, fulfilling and purposeful futures filled with more love, success and happiness.

I specialize in teaching the fine art of effective communication and authentic connection, which I believe is essential for happiness and success. Science has proven that 85 % percent of our success and happiness can be determined by our communication skills.

I believe passionately that positive personal growth, healing and change can only be accomplished from living authentically, following our dreams and living with conscious intent. I encourage my clients, friends and family to consciously create more fulfilling lives and relationships through heart-centered communication & connection. I bring all my life experiences to collaborating with others and a lifetime of education to support my clients in their quest for inspired lifestyles, personal change
more happiness, love & fulfillment, better relationships, purposeful lives and beauty in their surroundings.

I am a Registered Professional Counsellor, have completed my Diploma in

Integrated Counselling, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Emotional Focused Therapy and am a graduate of The Coaches Training Institute in San Raphael, California, one of the two major coaching training organizations in North America. I have completed training in Advanced Relationship Coaching and participated in Imago Therapy, Compassionate Communication (NVC), The John Gottman Love Lab workshops and I am a Certified True Colours Personality Typing Facilitator. Mheyah Bailey CCO Chief Connection Officer