Therés Amee

Therés Amee: We are excited to announce Therés Amee as our celebrity interviewer this season at VFW FW16!! Therés has hosted four seasons of VFW, interviewed countless designers and special guests, along with events for Social Shopper, Women in Leadership, and for singer/songwriters Bernadette Saquibal and Rebekah Asselstine! Aside from hosting/Mcing, Therés Amee is an actor, model, and is trained in stunts, combat and firearms. We are honoured to invite this beautiful talent back, as we report to you live, from the runway! Upcoming projects for Therés Amee: She is directing the original play ‘How Much for those Feelings in the Window’ written by Cristiaan Westerveld. Show dates Wednesday, December 2nd- Saturday, December 5th at The Havana Theater. She hopes you bring your best fashion forward this season.. She’ll be keeping an eye out for best dressed!

Twitter: @TheresAmee

Instagram: @TheresAmee

IMDB: Therés Amee