Online Dating Etiquette

Dear Reader,

I just returned home from meeting a guy who drove to the city from the hinterlands in his white muscle car to meet me at a downtown Starbucks. When I arrived he was a already seated with a coffee so I bought my own $2.00 coffee. We were going to go for a stroll and he said he needed to plug his meter and then asked me for parking change.

I set my coffee on his white muscle car to dig into my change purse to give him some coins for the meter and dropped my coffee. The liquid splashed all over me and his white muscle car. He never asked me if I was okay, if I would like a napkin, or even if I might like another coffee.

I said I was going to go buy myself another coffee and told him to sort out his own parking meter situation and then thought. WHAT THE HECK AM I DOING?! I would rather be at the gym, dentist, Revenue Canada AUDIT, gynecologist (fill in the blank). I’m outta here!