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Vancouver based company, Encima, has been working diligently at designing their second collection Obsession. Branching out from their first FW15 collection, Inception, the contemporary menswear brand didn’t hold back with the unique styles they wanted to create. Starting with a handful of pieces, Encima follows up from their first collection in a big way by boosting the amount of garments they will offer.

Evidently different creations can be found with Encima through pieces that dare to be different and encourage layering in many combinations from their collections. As a company, launching in 2015, they showcased at VFW FW15 for their first runway show. Within one year, they have successfully showcased internationally at the Capsule Las Vegas Trade Show (http://capsuleshow.com ) and will be taking part again at VFW FW16 on Sunday, March 20th, 2016.

Encima’s designs are locally manufactured through the use of ethical practices. Creating outstanding looks with amazing quality. Previously only offering top garments; the brand has now worked pants into their newest styles, which offers customers the opportunity to create an entire Encima look from top to bottom.

As a brand to watch, we graciously were able to reconnect with Faiz from Encima about the latest news in regards to the brand.

Since we last spoke, what are some updates you can give us about your brand?

We have completed our second collection, which includes a total of 21 pieces, up from 7 pieces in our first collection. This collection includes pants, dress shirts, and cardigans (along with tees and jackets).

Also, we recently took part in our first trade show, showcasing our second collection at Capsule Las Vegas in February. The collection was well received and we hope to land some new accounts within the US.

Working on a new collection, what season will it be geared towards and when can the public expect to see your new designs?

The collection will be for Fall/Winter 2016. We’ve already started showcasing some of the pieces through social media. Follow us on instagram @encima_official

Encima is available at Alfie Italia in Gastown as well as other Canadian retailers and online – has there been other retail development for you in Vancouver to share and sell your brand with locals?

Unfortunately, it has been quite difficult cracking the Vancouver market as we’ve had more success back East. That being said, we are now being stocked at Global Atomic in Yaletown. Hopefully we can land a couple more local accounts by September 2016.

Being a newer company, what has the response been to your unique designs so far?

The response has been great – especially with our second collection. With this collection, we didn’t hold back with what we wanted to create. Which is why the second collection grew quite significantly in comparison to the first. We took a chance venturing into new styles and we’ve been thrilled with how it has been received. WWW.METROLIVINGZINE.COM NEWS IMAGE CREDIT:

What would you say is a classic Encima outfit?

Each piece in our second collection was designed to compliment each other. And by that I mean you could put together several different pieces in several different ways, and it would all look good. With this new collection, I would say the classic outfit would be our All Day Trouser with our LS Tee, paired with our Mandarin Dress Shirt, topped off with either our Hooded Pullover or Split Coat. It’s all about layering!

What has your experience been showcasing at Vancouver Fashion Week and can we expect to see you there again next season?

We showcased our first collection at Vancouver Fashion Week last March. It was quite the experience as it was our first ever fashion show. It was such a surreal moment seeing our pieces walk up and down that runway and the response from people in attendance was amazing.

We elected to participate in the Capsule Trade Show for this coming season, as it was an opportunity to reach a different audience in Las Vegas, which was something that we could not pass up. Additionally, we are very excited to return to Vancouver Fashion Week to showcase our work on the runway on March 20th, 2016, and hope to put on a great show for the guests.

“Encima is a contemporary menswear brand based out of Vancouver, Canada. Founded in 2015, the goal has been to design and create unique garments utilizing colours and materials that best represent our individuality. We don’t all look the same, so why should we dress the same. This mentality is what strongly influences the design aesthetic that can be found in each and every Encima piece. All of Encima’s garments are designed and manufactured locally in Vancouver, Canada.
– Faiz Lalani

We would like to thank Faiz for the update on one of Vancouver’s upcoming fashion companies and offer our best wishes to them. By following the brand’s social media, I encourage readers to check out Encima’s collections for pieces that will compliment their individuality, and add a touch of uniqueness to their wardrobe. For more information as well as previews, look books and shopping, please visit:



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