When we bear witness, when we become the situation — homelessness, poverty, illness, violence, death — the right action arises by itself. We don’t have to worry about what to do. We don’t have to figure out solutions ahead of time. Peacemaking is the functioning of bearing witness. Once we listen with our entire body and mind, loving action arises.

Loving action is right action. It’s as simple as giving a hand to someone who stumbles or picking up a child who has fallen on the floor. We take such direct, natural actions every day of our lives without considering them special. And they’re not special. Each is simply the best possible response to that situation in that moment.

—Bernie Glassman

3mindAMP is all about sharing stories of how everyday people intentionally engage a playful disciplined approach to what ever they are devoted to ranging from; work, to sports, to dancing, to body painting, to fashion, to sex, to cooking, to parenting, in order to open beyond their fixed ideas, to turn towards beyond preferences and learn how to respond with increasing kindness and clarity in one area of their life with the aspiration that it simultaneously translates to all their life’s relationships including to how they relate to economic and social systems of oppression.

These are the three minds of an adult intimately connecting and fully awake in life and committed to radical peacemaking!

Big Mind, Joyful Mind and Kind Mind. 


3mindAMP training is warrior training.   This is about fully engaging yourself, your beliefs and participating in the world, the marketplace.  It is a wake up call to, “Destination integrity.” 

It’s a YES to letting go of your preferences, letting go of everything you have built potentially and to face and open beyond your fixed ideas to engage the issues of this century with people you may not agree with, but you have an utter appreciation of them as human beings. We all need to stand embodying both our power and capacity for love so we can seek resolution beyond agreement. We need to vigorously practice for these moments of utter interdependency to arise in extreme moments of conflict.  

My upcoming article will explore the juxtaposition of my experience as media behind the scenes of the large Me to We event in Vancouver, while simultaneously texting and communicating with the frontline supporting the youth in Ferguson. 


Please join us this Friday evening, December 12th between 7-9 at the Silk Purse in West Vancouver. 3mindAmp’s Fashion sector is excited to offer a unique hands-on experience that combines fashion with public art.

Turn towards this holiday season wholeheartedly, whether you are stressed out by last minute shopping or family/ work pressure.  Join Ordained Zen Buddhist Chaplain, Patti DeSante and Canada’s Miss Universe Finalist Lavanya Hiremath as they welcome you to an evening of SLOW FASHION FUN.  

You will have an opportunity to experience slow-fashion in a completely new way that will ground this season’s spirit of generosity.  There will be a fun activity that will include the art of decorating a couture dress designed by award winning fashionista, Zuhal- Kuvan Mills of Green Embassy, an artisan clothing label that embodies sustainability.  You will also have the opportunity to view India’s cutting-edge designer Shravan Kumar’s  2015 spring/summer collection. Come learn more about these two designer’s incredible processes and commitment to people, animals and the planet. 

You can explore my own background and this work of radical peacemaking more fully on http://pattidesante.com and on the following fb pages;