Samuel Yeung, a designer whose work appeared on the Vancouver Fashion Week runways last season, held a photo shoot in Gastown this May to display his new collection, “Wear Thou Art”. Read his exclusive interview with Metro Living Zine about the shoot and his identity as a fashion designer below.

Can you describe your style as a designer? 
Slowly, I am finding my signature silhouette. I started with great training at Saint Martins and London College of Fashion. Working with various designers, I developed a certain style of cutting for my clients. Today, with the skills I acquired over the years, I feel I am still the type of designer that is experimental. 

What is this collection called?
It is called “Wear Thou Art”, inspired by the idea of having a love for painting.

Who shot this photoshoot? 
It was shot by a photographer I met during VFW who loved the collection, SydArt.

How much do the garments that are being worn in these photos cost?
The silk dress is 800 euros, the customized jeans are 250 euros, and the bowling leather bag is 600 euros. 

What are the names of your models? 
Jesse Olivier is in the green silk top and printed black jeans. The other model is Abigail Kay.

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