Evelyn Aguilar of nOia by Evelyne is no stranger to Fashion Week San Diego. Evelyne debuted her line at FWSD in 2012 and she is also a member on the advisory panel for FWSD, helping assist and coach other designers of FWSD. This week at FWSD Evelyne showed a modern collection of resort and swim wear that was fun and sporty, yet elegant and sophisticated. 

METRO LIVING ZINE NEWS IMAGE CREDIT: Eartha Hubbell, photographer
METRO LIVING ZINE NEWS IMAGE CREDIT: Eartha Hubbell, photographer

Eartha Hubbell: We’ll start with a fairly simple question, when did you start designing and how did you go about pursuing your design career?

 Evelyne Agular: I started when I was a little girl, with a piece of paper and crayola crayons… Since then I’ve never stopped.

EH: What were your inspirations for the collection you showed at San Diego Fashion week, 2014?

EA: My inspiration for this collection was having a sporty feel without losing the glamorous design aspect for the line.

EARTHA: How do you select the materials you work with in your collections?

EA: I selected my material by quality and comfort. Once I know the inspiration of the collection, and what the collection is going to be about, I start looking for the materials. 

EARTHA: Working in the fashion industry can be very demanding and intense at some points, what motives you and drives your work ethic?

EA: My main motivation is my husband and family, they make me want be the best that I can be every day. When you love what you do, you never see it as a job, you just keep on improving and going forward.

EARTHA: As a local San Diego designer, how do you find the San Diego fashion market to be unique from say, Los Angeles or New York?

EA: San Diego is unique because we have a lot of passionate local talent. San Diego needs to be recognized as the fashionable city that it is. I’ve traveled and seen work from all over the world and San Diego has a lot to offer.

EARTHA: For our final question is there anything special  you would like our readers to know, either about your FWSD collection, plans you have for the future, or even words of wisdom for inspiring fashion designers? 

EA: I would love to tell all the future designer out there that if you have a goal in your life don’t be afraid to pursue it. There will always be difficulties in the path, but in the end following your dream will be worth it.