Drafted By Leah Bolton: Goddess Astrology.

The Cabal knows that they must keep truth from the people in order to continue in power! The Internet is posing their greatest threat ever –  and their demise may be right around the corner. The Internet is proving to be the undoing of this Cabal’s previous near complete lock on the truth. If you google who owns the TV Networks, and who runs Congress in the US by $$$ amounts you’re going to find some clear BIASED influences!

With Pluto ready to EXPOSE who is really behind the direction of the monetary plays on the planet we start to see the real and honest results. Putin is not an idiot, he grabbed the reins to stabilize a unstructured country and was the head of the KGB. He has savvy and experience on his side and he sees the manipulation and is making a strong stand to unseat the Money Players. You will see him as a humanitarian in the coming months although his tactics are touted as extreme. We will see who is really behind the Ukraine unrest. For all of us feeling the backlash the good thing is that the opposition is just as powerful. We can see TRUTH in action as they are concerned about our future and planet. A poignant example illustrates – money players –  like Warren Buffet leaving the petroleum market last September and investing in electric vehicle solutions.

We have the example of Germany planning to be off the grid by 2022. Countries like Hungary are throwing out the GMO’s from Monsanto and destroying all genetically modified corn fields as the larger voice now speaks. They have also kicked out the IMF as has Iceland and others. It is a growing desire to be free from the control by monetary  backers.

“Today, our new technology is the Internet, and this does give hope for a “global awakening”. We will most likely face similar challenges to those of the 1930′s to maintain growth and prosperity, forcing us to change direction. In the news we already see extremism rising, unemployment rising, nationalism rising. One big advantage we have today is the global networking that the internet provides. It will be most important that this Uranus freedom is upheld, and it will be challenged by Pluto organizations and governments.www.astrolgyking.com

So lets throw some action in there from Jupiter and see how the Largest planet in our solar system pushes the truth forward? In Leo Jupiter demands truth and there will be no forgiveness when people realize the extent to which they have been lied to. So Uranus steps into the game and will continue to throw wild events created falsely by CGI technology. We will not be yet able to ascertain what in fact is real until we have complete and HONEST conversations.

 So what do we do as conscious individuals?


Prepare to Lead and direct for all  of us – so please learn and be open to ideas that only include unity.


The opportunity to change your residence to what we all wish for – is yours so make a decision!  Remember home is where your heart feels best not an actual street address.


You need to speak some truth and definitely ask for more communication on what is valuable to you as a whole person.


Invest in your value and it will pay off to the degree that you hold yourself to be necessary.


Your agreements are all in question. What is your truth? You have a moment now to really be clear and solid in your future. Use it.


Your health is undergoing a change. Let it show you the calm moments and choose your input towards your truest joy, no longer living only for obligations.


Fresh new people and situations will propel you to new and authentic standards. No more lying to be acceptable.


As you let go of the voices of past patterns you will begin to accept your amazing talent and it will support and surprise you in a fantastic outcome this year.


You have the hardest job of seeing the fairness that is now occurring. You can only do this by being fair to yourself. All of us are relying on you, It is no small task.


You must now state what is that has been unfair. You are the voice that government hears and now you can be heard. Even your small community will have a larger impact. Speak your Truth.


Solutions though all of the latest technologies are running through your veins. Its time to share with those who will hear and keep putting out the magic of change. You lead us all Aquarius.


The intense events will cause you to shrink, but take now to decide how healthy you are with yourself. It shows in the world and when you get better we all get better.