LYFE Event Planning Ltd (Live Young Forever) “Extravagant Masquerade Yacht Party” will be the most luxurious yacht event of the year 2015. Working with Vancouver’s best staging and lighting company and talented artists, this event will be a grand feast on the sea and also an exhibition of art. In addition, since this is a masquerade event, all of our guest’s privacy will be respected and protected. Our event is also a remarkable opportunity for sponsors to establish a distinctive connection with our targeted audience, which can provide numerous business opportunities.

Event Culture Overview

Yacht activity reflects the human desire for freedom, the pursuit of quality of life as well as a nouveau way of living style. It is a symbol of noble identity and status. In a society in which one’s status is determined by one’s lifestyle and taste, our Super Yacht Weekend will be an epitome of a super luxurious Vancouver life style. The event will be held on the largest yacht in Vancouver, which has 3 floors and each with its own theme.

At the first level of the party, we will bring everyone in to the time capsule. Immersed in the groovy atmosphere, you will have the opportunity to consult with our “Ten Taste Ambassadors” face to face; and to have a deeper understanding of the beauty of living from 1920 to 2015. You will also have the exclusive right to purchase any of the exquisite items at the event. Lastly, catchy tunes from the Ten Souljers will complete the last piece of puzzle of perfection.

At the second floor of the event, we will provide professional wine and cigar tasting events. In this one and only private venue, only the selected few will have the chance to get to know each other further, just like a temporary luxury private club. This event will pave ways for ones with similar goals to work together in the future.

Lastly, on the third floor of the party, it is meant for everyone to break free! Time fast-for-wards to the 100 years later present. Whisky and spirit can now go wild without paying any attention to formalities. Beats become faster and faster, bass drops wave by wave, visions blur and people end up in pairs, immersed in the music and starts to move with the beat; enjoying the time flying without anyone noticing.

About LYFE Event Planning LTD.

LYFE” stands for “Live Young Forever”, is a nouveau event planning company in Vancouver, BC. The Crown of our logo represents the way we manage the business – conquering everything; The Wings represents the way we think –

Unlimited imagination. We follow these two values to create every single event, no matter if it is a small cocktail party or a two hundred guests wedding. Satisfaction is not just our promise; it is a guarantee. We guarantee to make an event like a Paris haute couture, custom made, high quality, and never compromise the impossibility. The key for our success -is the precision of defining taste.

Date: Saturday July 18th

Venue: 760 Pacific Blvd. Plaza of Nations

Event Agenda

Luxury car show |       6:30 PM

Boarding             |       7:00 PM

Cast off               |       8:00 PM

Main Event          |       8:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Landing               |       11:00 PM

After Party          |      11:00 PM – 3:00AM

Ticket Information

Single VIP:   $500

Single SVIP: $1000 (no discounts available)

Package A :  Buy 3 VIP ticket get 1 for free.

Package B:   Buy 10 VIP ticket,$400/ticket, total $4000 (20% off)

Package C:   Buy 20 VIP ticket, $300/ticket, total $6000 (40% off)

Ticket info

For every ticket purchase, you also get a $100 worth of Spa coupon at Greenfield Spa A $50 worth of casino chips at Edgewater Casino An admission ticket to the event after party

For tickets or more information contact:

Victor 778 892 8295 |