Cecilia Rebagliati, designer of Cecile Bénac Knitwear, has been selling her hand-made garments for nineteen years. Now, she is releasing a new collection that is different from anything she has designed so far: Au Nature.

Rebagliati was inspired to create Au Nature when her son, who lives in Tofino, voiced the desire for warmer sweaters. Although he originally wanted to launch the line himself, Rebagliati took over and Au Nature was conceived.

Metro Living Zine News Image. Credit: Cecilia Rebagliati

“He wanted a specific way for the sweater to fit. He wanted 100% wool and he wanted it to be warm, because it is very cold in the winters in Tofino. I thought it was a fantastic idea, so that’s where it started.”

The collection grew as Rebagliati added accessories, scarves, hats and women’s sweaters. Although they are meant to be worn outdoors, they are also comfortable enough to “just lounge around” in. Being warm, natural, and Canadian is the primary goal behind Bénac’s Au Nature line, and it stays true to that goal; all of the materials used are sourced in Canada.

“Even though the garments are not organic, they are ethical and made here,” says Rebagliati. “The yarn for the Au Nature line is from a farm in Ontario. These are family-owned businesses that have been there for generations. The sheep are grazing in their own fields, so there’s nothing extra to worry about.”

The Bénac Babee line came into being after the birth of Rebagliati’s granddaughter, who is now turning two years old. “My family and I were making little sweaters for the baby and my agent suggested making a baby line,” she says. The result was a line of adorable, tiny, knitted garments.

Au Nature and Bénac Babee are currently available at boutiques across the country. The designer’s Fall collection, consisting of thick, chunky knits in black, red, and blue, are also available.

The Spring/Summer collection, which is currently at her agents for showing, will feature light materials such as linen, cotton, and viscose as well as earthy shades of ecru, sand, grey, white and black. Rebagliati uses the collection to play with sheer, lace and variegated yarns in ponchos, shrugs, tanks, cropped sweaters.