By now, most North American fashion lovers are familiar with Andreja Pejić, the transgendered model who exploded in the International fashion scene in 2011. She walked both the women’s runway for Jean-Paul Gaultier and the men’s runway for Marc Jacobs in the same season. Jin Xing (金星) is yet another inspirational transgendered woman who currently resides in China. We predict that her name will soon be as familiar in North America as Pejić’s.

In addition to being an international style-setter, she is also a ballerina, modern dancer, choreographer, actress, and owner of the contemporary dance company, “Shanghai Jin Xing Dance Theatre”. Jin Xing was the first woman in China to receive the government’s approval to undergo a sex change, and is also one of only a few trans women to be officially recognized as a woman by the Chinese government. She is an international trailblazer in transgendered public awareness and fashion, and has the most popular TV show in China right now. She is very popular in France as well.

According to Bazaar Magazine, two of the hottest SS 2016 fashion trends in jewellery are what they term “Industrial Revolution”. It includes dramatic, chunky necklaces and “hot around the collar” necklaces that highlight the erogenous collarbone.

Recently, Jin Xing was spotted at a public event wearing a stunning, Industrial Revolution-style necklace designed by Paloma Sanchez Prat (pictured above). This necklace is a great example of what is hot for SS 2016 in high-fashion jewellery. The necklace pictured on Jin Xing, called “Universe”, features Roman Glass that is over 2,500 years old. It was sourced in Afghanistan and made of eight karats of sapphire set in eighteen karats of gold paved with diamonds.

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