If you are interested in submitting photography to METRO LIVING ZINE please forward your work (up to 32 THIRTY-TWO images per submission) UNLIMITED Video to the three e-mail addresses listed below:




Thank you for joining our team and making submissions to the magazine. Here are a few things to get you started.

1) Please send us a recent headshot.

2) Please send us a Biography. A long biography that will be appended to the end of each one of your submissions.  This is your free advertising space in the magazine. Please make sure that you include links to wherever you want people to find you. Your Website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter…

3) A shortened version of your biography that we will add to the (Meet the Team) page.

4) If you have a product or service that you want us to add to the shopping section please send us your business logo, a brief description of the product/service, and the URL that you would like the logo hyperlinked to.