It’s official, if you did not get the fashion memo it is all about sporting designer trainers in an intentionally uncompromising fashion forward way. The trick in carrying this look off convincingly is to keep your head held high.  You dare not risk appearing to be sheepishly leaving the gym in your daytime office apparel having forgot your high-heels at home.  Or, worse yet (like the fictitious character Miranda on Sex in the City pictured below) making your commute in sensible shoes only to later change them at your desk. 

Although initially resistant to this aesthetic in large part due to my five-foot-four and a half stature and overly developed calves from too many hours whiled away on the Stairmaster this look is growing on me. The trick in convincingly carrying off trainers is to appear casual yet calculated at the same time. 

If you have a designer backpack 

(preferably Alexander Wang

) in your arsenal it will pair exquisitely with your designer kicks. Alternatively, if you are in your early twenties and did not live through the original nylon Prada backpack craze of the early 1990’s I suggest hitting Ebay and grabbing one now.  A vintage nylon Prada backpack paired with some sweet kicks will look very 1990’s which is ever so 

au courant. 

Have a Happy, Prosperous, FASHION FORWARD day.                                                                   Angela Krewenchuk: Fashion Anthropologist      

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