Drafted By: Shannon Thompson

So you’ve been in a car accident? Hopefully you came out of it okay. Or at the very most with only a few bumps and bruises. But,  if you believe you sustained more than that, and had a hospital stay and you feel that you have been injured to the point of not being able to work, and function in your day-to-day life, you might go for a claim.

If it’s a substantial Motor Vehicle Accident Claim (MVA) CLAIM – that is where I come in.

Going for a claim with ICBC (the government) is a lengthy procedure. It involves doctors, statements (from various sources), LAWYERS and PAPERWORK. This is a process that can go on for many years! This is not an overnight process.  Chances are, that if you are going through this complicated process – you are also being FOLLOWED – by a private investigator.

Let it be known, the government does not give out money easily! In order to prove you are as sick or injured as you say you are, they need to make sure you are indeed incapacitated. This does not constitute a breach of your privacy; it is a very common legal practice. To those of you whom did not know that PI’s existed in this part of the country – surprise! Some of you already know, by either knowing me, or someone else in my profession. Or, you know from personal experience and have been followed before. To some it’s an IMMENSE shock to discover they are being followed by a PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR.


Statistically, at least in this part of the country and by my own observations, there are many that are not telling the truth. It makes it very hard, for those that are legitimately suffering. For that reason, if you make a substantial claim, you had better be as INJURED as you claim to be. Now, I do understand  that people recover and get better over time. But, if you are adamant that you cannot work, and are witnessed jogging? Chances are you will be videoed doing so, and it could put you and your claim at risk.

In my time as a PI, I observed and recorded people claiming to be incapacitated and then witnessed them gardening and mowing their lawns, picking up heavy objects, and – yes – even jogging when they said they could barely walk. I could list many things people have been DISHONEST about –  but I shall not digress.

In this lengthy process, you will be followed, and you will be videoed and it is legal and it will be used against you when you finally get to “an examination of discovery”. During the EXAMINATION of DISCOVERY medical reports and observations will be brought forth, along with the Private Investigators video of you. There is nothing more damaging to you and your case during this process than seeing yourself on video doing something you shouldn’t be doing – like JOGGING.


The bottom line is, tell the truth. Be honest. If you are untruthful, it will eventually be discovered. If that happens, there could be CRIMINAL charges laid against you. People today are exceptionally LITIGIOUS. It’s a sad commentary on our times. Some people don’t want to work if they think they don’t have too. Everyone believes the government owes them more than we owe the government. Here is a statistic you don’t think about. Those whom are making FALSE claims that they are incapacitated and can’t work are costing tax payer’s MILLIONS. The falsifiers are wasting the courts time and making it very hard for the truly injured and sick to make claims when it is truly needed.

It is a well-known fact that once you have been followed and discover that you have? You will be looking in your rear view mirror for roughly 6 months to a year. You will always have the feeling you are being followed. If the investigator is as good as me… you won’t even know it…