Drafted By Shannon Thompson:

So my bestie and I decided this year, to find a new restaurant to eat at once a month. There had to be a few stipulations, as he is a vegetarian, and I am a carnivore. So it would have to be the best of both worlds, and a place we had never been to before. And thus the journey began…..


Address: 2313 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5T 3C9

Phone :(604) 872-8779

Hours: Open today · 1:00 – 11:00 pm


Upon entering, the succulent smell of Indian spices hits your nose. Fragrant and enticing. A quaint little spot, the atmosphere is in keeping with the theme.  We seated ourselves and within a few minutes were brought menus and water.

The menu is extensive, covering a lot of well-known Indian dishes and even has a “chef recommended” section. We were brought a basket of unleavened crispy thin bread, with a hint of curry and fennel seeds inside. Warm and delicious. I chose from the seafood section –  curried prawns in coconut and butter sauce served with basmati rice and a side of hapati/Roti (Unleavened whole wheat flat bread).

My vegetarian friend Thomas chose Alu Palak / Palak Paneer, Fresh Spinach cooked with Potatoes or homemade Cheese. The ingredients were very fresh, not over salted and there were healthy choice options on the menu too. Both items arrived in due course piping hot. The sauce with the ingredients was served in a separate metal bowl, the rice on a plate. the dishes were reasonably priced, around $14.99. At first sight the portions looked a little small, we were not stuffed when we left, but pleasantly full.  The food was delicious. I like the fact that on the menu, they suggest you give your spice level, from mild to extremely hot.

It was a going concern, busy with both customers and take out. However, We both agreed the service was lacking.  Once we were served our meals staff did not check with us to see how we were enjoying our food or to top up our water. That said, I would definitely recommend this restaurant to friends and family. If you love good Indian food then you must try out “Nirvana” on Main Street.

Rating 3.75 out of 5 Stars

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