There are very few other articles of clothing that can really pair as nicely with nearly anything like mens blazers can. The application of which immediately converts your image and style instantly, changing the way that you look and how you are perceived by others. It also adds some balance, in the sense that you can wear a sports jacket as a casual addition or as a formal addition; or just as a semiformal add-on to your getup. Whether you want to look a bit more professional in the office without going for a full suit, or if you want to add some charm to your outwardly appearance, pairing your blazers with the right.

dress shirts

can make you look modishly brilliant. Mind the following tips when doing so, and rock your newfound look in utter confidence.


First things first: know thy sizes. Size is everything with a blazer. While its advised that you get professionally sized (free at most department stores) to know for sure, trying one on can also tell you if it fits. Always button it up when trying it on, and look for roominess but not too much bagginess. The top should create a nifty X pattern when buttoned that doesnt hug the shoulders too much. Furthermore, the sleeves shouldnt hang down past your wrists, the surest sign of sleeves that are too long for your size.


Once you have the properly sized jacket, its time to start looking for men’s dress shirts that you can pair it with. The fabulous thing about a blazer is that you can wear it with most kinds of shirts (some guys even wear them with t-shirts). The best type of shirt to pair with your sports jacket is a button down shirt. Use these tips to pull off this 

modern look

 with ease.

  • Leave the jacket open when worn over a shirt, unless attending formal functions.
  • Look for designer shirts that are custom fittedthey will look the best under the jacket and will outline your torso more appropriately.
  • Be mindful of colors and patternsdont pair a striped jacket with a striped shirt to avoid clashing, and assure that your colors complement one another from shirt to jacket.
  • Be boldseek out designer shirts with flair, like ones that feature double buttons, custom stitching, wide collars and fine pleating.
  • Take a selfiesee how that blazer works with any chosen shirt before you head out the door and its too late. A simple selfie on your smartphone will apprise you as to the stature, fit, feel and fluidity of your selected garb.


Whether you are a department store shopper or swear by the internet, keeping your options open when searching for the ideal pairings between your mens shirt and favorite blazer is important. The truth is that even your favorite department stores now offer online shopping options as well. Provided you are familiar with your sizes, it makes good sense to use the internet to 

find out more options

. Plenty of stores also offer related styles in their shopping search engines, which can serve to streamline your search for the perfect combination.

Being able to traverse from workplace to lounge could be as simple as removing your tie and unbuttoning your collar, given that you make the right selection on the outfit youre wearing. Going from formal to semiformal or casual can be achieved in a jiffy when the ideal clothing combination is worn. Indeed, the multifariousness of the mens blazer makes it an unrivaled wardrobe staple.