In pursuing the path to becoming a porn star, there doesn’t appear to be one standard route.

As an industry that offers virtually every manner of fantasy or fetish in existence, the number of performers entering or already engaged in the adult film world is ever-growing.

While some may choose porn as an introduction to a potentially more mainstream film career, everybody’s situation is different.

Meet Ryan Fields.

At 23 years of age, the young adult star happened upon the industry literally by chance.

“I started in 2014 and had no prior connection to the porn industry,” says Fields.

“A couple of models that worked for a big company had their vehicle break down where I live.

I helped them while their vehicle was in the shop; giving them rides and taking them back and forth to the mechanic.

When they got back home the owner of the company got in contact to thank me and offered me a chance to fly out and model for them.

I’ve been in porn ever since.”

While the initial lure of sex onscreen may seem tempting, the reality of having to perform on camera and in front of others is infinitely more daunting than it appears.

Fields admits there was some initial trepidation.

“My first thought was that I’m gonna screw up; I was so nervous I thought I was going to freeze and be one of those guys that lock up and run off set, like the stories I’ve heard before.”

While encounters and hook-ups may be frequent onscreen, relationships or personal encounters away from the set – in real life, are much harder to achieve.

“Absolutely,” he admits, when asked about the difficulty of maintaining a relationship.

“I just stay single in my personal life.

I’ve attempted to date and it ends the same every time.

They say they are OK with it, but a few months down the road I get the same questions; asking if I enjoy the models more than them during sex, or if I think of other models during sex with them.

The biggest question of all is “Why are you with me?

You’re hot and a pornstar and can have anyone you want” – and no doubt it always ends that way.”

A popular, outgoing and athletic High School student in his native Kansas, the self-described class clown is the middle of five kids and says his siblings are supportive of his side career.

“Everyone turned out to be OK with it,” adds Fields.

“All of my siblings had a blast announcing that their brother was an actual pornstar because something like that isn’t usually reality.”

With about 60 or so adult scenes for a few studios “here and there” already under his belt, Fields acknowledges his role is purely about engaging with the fans on film because after all, the porn business is exactly that: a business!

“I’m there to make money.

It’s not what I want, it’s what the fans want because – no fans; means no work – and that means no money.”

Ryan Fields – who currently works a day job as a mechanic in the US Midwest when not filming scenes – is rather forthright about his appearances onscreen.

“I’m there for one reason; and that’s to make a great scene that fans want to see,” he says, “because that’s what they’re paying for if they’re a member of a certain site or just watching in their personal time alone.

It’s what they want; and just a cheque for me at the end of the day.”

And if you’re wondering about the compensation for baring all, Fields offers his perspective.

“Depending on your popularity and status and time given to the career, the money is great and does have good potential for beginners.”