We highly recommend you read this book,

Snakes in suits: When psychopaths go to work.

By Paul Babiak, Ph.D. & Robert D. Hare, Ph.D.


This book was first published in May 9, 2006, and is an excellent resource for everyone. Including people who work in non-profits, corporations, and the self-employed. According to the authors research it is estimated that about 1% of the population has a dose of features,

“heavy enough to warrant a designation of psychopathy and perhaps another 10% or so fall into the grey zone, with sufficient psychopathic features to be a concern to others” (p. 177).

Co-author of this book Robert D. Hare, PhD is a professor in the department of Psychology at the University of British Columbia and reportedly conducted a fair amount of his field research for the book in Vancouver British Columbia’s Howe Street financial district.

Do not think that just because you are not super wealthy or ultra powerful that you will not be the target of a psychopath. According to their research psychopaths are predatory opportunist’s whose actions follow a predictable three part process.

1) Assessment of the target.

2) Manipulation of the target.

3) Abandonment of the target.

According to Babiak and Hare what makes dealing with psychopaths even more problematic is their ability to hide their true nature.

Psychopaths are masters at:

1) Reading people and sizing up their likes, dislikes, motives, needs, weak spots and vulnerabilities. (p. 37)

2) Many come across as having excellent communication skills. (p. 38)

3) They are masters of managing and manipulating their images. They are known to be adept at being able to “don many masks and change who they are depending on the victim”. (p. 38).

Babiak and Hare conclude that psychopaths are:

The perfect invisible predator. Like Chameleons, psychopaths can hide who they really are and mask their true intentions from their victims for extended periods. The psychopath is a near-perfect invisible human predator (p. 39)


Psychopaths will not only target the wealthy and those in FORMAL positions of power and prestige. Psychopath’s also target individuals in possession of INFORMAL sources of power and prestige. People with direct access to either informal networks of information or other related resources deemed worthwhile by the psychopath predator.

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