When the Apple watch was first released I cynically regarded it as a dystopian piece of technology that would further enslave me to my e-mail. However, I have become a convert. The Apple Watch Sport Edition clocks in at a price point comparable to the Fit-Bit Charger HR. The added bonus is that the Apple Watch pairs with your I-Phone. You can actually answer phone calls with your watch while you are fishing around in you GIGANTIC HANDBAG in search of your cell phone. This feature comes in very handy more often than I care to admit. Furthermore, if you are a slave to style (and who isn’t) you can find tons of SUPER COOL watch bands on Amazon to replace the UGLY CHEAP PLASTIC watch band that comes with the Apple Watch Sport Edition.


The APPLE WATCH MOVE CALORIE COUNTER. This is the Apple Watch MYTH BUSTER. It tracks how many calories you burn above and beyond what you need for your (Resting Metabolic Rate). For my height and current body weight I need 1200 calories just to stay alive laying in a bed all day. The Apple Watch MOVE calorie counter really shows you how SEDENTARY you actually are. Save for the hour or so spent in the gym several times a week. This is why I have come to view my Apple Watch as the HEALTH AND FITNESS MYTH BUSTER. In addition to this the Apple Watch MOVE calorie counter allows me to effectively track and monitor my CHEAT DAY calories. It motivates me to take the stairs so that I can have the (Whitespot Monte Mushroom Burger with Extra Tripple O Sauce) that I have been craving all week on the weekend!

Some of my Favourite NON APPLE Watch Band Options:

Metal Band:

Black Leather Cuff:

Black Leather Wrap Around:

NOTE: When you purchase your Apple Watch band make sure that you select a band with an adaptor that will work with your Apple Watch Model (APPLE Sport/or Watch) Edition.