Atelier Grandi’s Spring-Summer 2016 collection, SERPENTINE, premiered on the runway at Vancouver Fashion Week. It was described by the designer as “a macabre waltz with the femme fatale” and covered by Vogue UK.

They agreed to talk to Metro Living Zine for a Vancouver Fashion Week exclusive interview, which can be read below.

Atelier Grandi VFW Runway Videos

Interview Questions

1) How and when did you get your start in fashion?

Serendipitously in 2014.

I was a classical musician, a “creative type” with a business degree employed in a sector where it wasn’t unheard of for people to be leaping off buildings. It was a constant, daily battle between the left and right hemispheres of my brain.

After spending some time getting lost in the world, books, and an array of cat videos, I discovered that one of my childhood passions – design and textiles – allowed me to be creative and exercise the business part of my brain at the same time. Fashion design and I hit it off.

2) What type of music are you listening to right now?

“Pastoral”, Beethoven’s 6th. Look it up; it won’t disappoint.

3) Which parts of being a designer do you love and detest?

Love: designing and fabricating the garments, designing and shooting campaigns, generally the creative process.

Detest: it requires that I leave my house from time to time.

4) Which three designers inspire you and why?

Fillipo Brunelleschi, Antoni Gaudi, Christian Dior – Yes, they were all architects/architecturally-minded. To be able to integrate form, structure, and beauty on such a large scale, yet still be bothered to attend to the most minute, internal details, is the ultimate of design to me.

5) What do you love and hate about Vancouver?

Love: the climate.

Detest: the weather.

Truthfully, Vancouver is a young city. A lot of the history and cultural aspects (and general appreciation of them) present in older cities have yet to emerge here. However, I have noticed public taste and our expertise in those areas improving, especially in the last 10 years. It’s nice to see the city growing.

6) Which words of advice would you give to someone starting off in the business that you wish you had been given when you were starting out?

Have a vision, stick like hell to your guns, and surround yourself with good people to make it happen.

7) If your house was burning down, which three things would you make sure you took out with you?

Meow. Blanket. Whisky. I assume I’d be standing on the street for a while as events unfold.

8) Do your parents approve of you being a designer?

Ha. Funny. Good one.

9) If you were not a fashion designer, which other job would you like to be doing?

I’d probably be a high-strung lawyer somewhere working death hours, but it would likely still be less than what I put into my business now. Clearly, I made a good choice.

Atelier Grandi SERPENTINE Collection Photo Gallery