The Enemy

A Firehall Arts Centre Production

November 10th – December 1st, 2018 | Firehall Arts Centre | 280 E. Cordova

Media Opening:  November 14 at 8:00pm 

Performance Times:  Tues, 7pm | Wed-Fri, 8pm | Sat, 3pm & 8pm | Sun, 3pm | Wed, 1pm PWYC (Nov. 14, 21, 28)

Preview Performances:  Nov. 10, 8pm | Nov. 11, 3pm | Nov. 13, 7pm | Nov. 14, 1pm (PWYC)

Tickets:  From $20 at or 604.689.0926 

Post Show Talkback:  November 15, 22, 29

(Vancouver, BC) – The Firehall Arts Centre is proud to produce and present The Enemy from Saturday, November 10th to Saturday, December 1st, 2018.

Set in a small town in British Columbia, The Enemy is a contemporary interpretation of Henrik Ibsen’s An Enemy of the People. Dr. Stockman, played by Jenn Griffin, becomes a pariah when her discovery of pollution in the local Healthy Springs Spa and Water Park threatens the town’s tourism industry and economic well-being. What happens when truth is declared not to be the truth and disbelief is spread through social media, ‘fake news’ and shoddy journalism? Who is the enemy?

Adapted and directed by the Firehall Arts Centre’s Artistic Producer Donna Spencer, The Enemy is a political drama with a plot that intertwines an ethically compromised antihero, political extremism, corruption, environmental activism and a lack of accountability for the destruction of a town. The Enemy features performances by Jenn Griffin, Paul Herbert, Peter Anderson, Daniel Arnold, Sharon Crandall, Brendan Houle, Michael Scholar Jr., Donna Soares and Agnes Tong.

With regards to the choice of programming and producing this piece, Donna Spencer says, “Recently we witnessed a decision south of the border that many of that country’s constituents did not support for good reasons. But the majority of those who had the power to vote supported the choice, angering thousands and potentially impacting hard-earned freedoms and rights. With the Firehall’s presentation of The Enemy, I have adapted Henrik Ibsen’s drama – which asks the question, is the majority always right? – and applied it to a contemporary issue not unlike the one faced by Ibsen’s version of Dr. Stockman. In this contemporary context of The Enemy, the role of Dr. Stockman is written as a female and illustrates the challenges that women face when confronting and disputing the ‘powers-that-be’ or as some would say ‘the old boys’ club’”.

Credits for The Enemy

Adapted and Directed by:  Donna Spencer

Performances by:  Jenn Griffin, Paul Herbert, Peter Anderson, Daniel Arnold, Sharon Crandall, Brendan Houle, Michael Scholar Jr., Donna Soares and Agnes Tong

Stage Management by:  Dorothy Jenkins

Lighting Design by:  Kyla Gardiner

Costume Design by:  Stacey Steadman

Video Design by:  Pedro Meza

Sound Design by:  Alastair Wallace

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