Tiffany Desrosiers, of Vancouver-based pop-opera group Vivace, released her new solo EP “Fearless” on April 6th 2015. With powerhouse vocals and electronically infused pop tracks, the title track “Fearless” is best described as blend of Sia and Celine Dion. The Fearless EP takes you on a dynamic, inspirational journey through life, love and taking on the world — fearlessly. With the driving presence of piano underlining every song, you’ll find yourself hooked immediately by its sweetness. As you dig deeper you will find a blend of electro elements peppered throughout. However, nothing gets in the way of Tiffany’s powerful voice. Tiffany Desrosiers has the pipes, but she also has a tender spot, making this EP truly unforgettable.

Produced and co-written by Troy Samson (Kelly Rowland, Victoria Duffield), title track “Fearless” is already gaining popularity in Canada. Tiffany is just wrapping up a radio tour across Canada. She is gearing up to release her follow up single “The World Is Ours” this spring. Key performances include TEDxVancouver 2012, 2011 Variety Show of Hearts Talent Show, 2010 Olympics, Urban Rush, CTV Canada AM, Canuck Place Charity Event “The Gift of Time,” and Global TV Christmas Show.

With a brilliant capacity for breathing life into lyrics and melodies, Tiffany reveals the sound, soul and spirit of a world-class vocalist on the edge of eminence. We would like to invite you to take a listen to “Fearless” and consider it for a review.

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