Elena Designs creates leather jewelry and “wearable art” on the West Coast. The most recent collection, which “plays with contrasting tones and textures”, was shown at this year’s Vancouver Fashion Week. The collection is available in both black and white and “the lacy, intricate patterns [against] a material as soft and strong as leather” makes for a high-contrast, interesting product. Elena was one of the local designers at the event, amongst other artists from different countries or even continents around the globe. She’s heavily influenced by her life in Canada, and it comes through in her designs.

“I’m inspired by patterns and shapes found in the wild West Coast and our urban environment,” she said. “I love capturing the essence of little moments and silhouettes: delicate curly fern leaves, Moroccan tiles, futuristic cityscapes, a touch of lace, or a dynamic butterfly wing. With each piece, there’s a balance between etching and cutting that gives it a unique dimension.”

Although Elena was born and raised in Vancouver, she spent some of her childhood in Spain. The result was her “West Coast style with a European touch”, which creates the distinctive appearance of her artwork. She spent even more time in Europe when she attended Istituto Marangoni in Milan, Italy for training in fashion design, but later returned to Canada to continue her education. After developing an understanding of the practical side of fashion (such as manufacturing and sales), she founded Elena Designs. Now, she’s living happily on Vancouver Island, where she designs all of her jewelry. For her, fashion is “a way to express yourself and engage your senses by playing with textiles, silhouettes, prints, and colours.”


Elena’s designs are laser-cut and etched. Therefore, the reaches of her venture with leather jewelry depends largely onthe advancement of technology. “I am looking forward to exploring all the endless possibilities with laser technology going forward,” said Elena. “Keep an eye out for a wider product selection including earrings, belts, purses, and more very soon!”

Check Elena Designs’ website to see or purchase from her past collections.