The 4th Annual Art! Vancouver International Art Fair will be taking place April 19-22 at the Vancouver Convention Centre. The show boasts an exciting and diverse lineup of local, national and international artists, including British painter Petra Giffard.

Petra’s recent move from the UK to Vancouver, BC prompted a strong desire to dust off her paintbrushes and rekindle her love of painting. Petra is a former UK art teacher with ten years of art teaching experience to her name, which includes almost nine as head of the school’s art department. Petra’s latest body of work, entitled ‘The Vancouver Series’ captures her very mixed emotional response to leaving friends, family and a career behind to start a new life in Canada.

“It was a tough decision to leave a career and life that I loved behind – but it was the right one. Vancouver has prompted me to reconnect with my own creativity. In the six months I have been here I have met so many inspiring people and have had so much opportunity to paint. I love it here but I do miss my old life too. I hope very much that this raw emotion is conveyed in my work.”

In addition to painting, Petra is behind the Art! Vancouver ‘Ignite Your Voice’ art contest that will see pieces by around 20 emerging artists on display at this year’s show. She will also be running a painting class on Saturday April 21st as part of the fair’s extensive line up of panel talks, workshops and demonstrations.

“I feel as though the contest and the art class are both a great way to utilize art to empower and encourage artistic endeavour. Put simply: I want people to feel the same level of enjoyment and fulfilment from being creative as I do.”

Petra will be exhibiting in booth 302 at Art! Vancouver for the duration of the fair. For more information about her work, or follow her on Instagram @petragiffard_art.

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About Art! Vancouver

Founded in 2015 by Director Lisa Wolfin, Art! Vancouver is Western Canada’s only international fine arts fair and features local and international artists and galleries. The fair includes a diverse collection of exhibitors, along with an Opening Night runway show and an extensive speaker series. The event attracts international visitors with a genuine passion for art, including a range of influential, creative professionals.