The Hipster:

His Style: Plaid Shirt The casual plaid shirt has been ubiquitous in men’s fashion since the ‘60s, when Beach Boys made the Pendleton plaid shirt famous by wearing it side by side holding a surfboard on the album “Surfer Girl”. In Vancouver, the plaid shirt has developed the reputation of the man’s “go-to” shirt.

This trend is unavoidable and not going anywhere!

Let’s see how we can change it up and wear it this fall, Vancouver!

At Work: Wear a plaid shirt with a tie, with dress pants or slim-fitting chinos. The bolder the color and pattern, the more confidant you will feel and look. Don’t be afraid to wear a tie with color and pattern as well; it can enhance the overall look of the outfit.

For a Night Out: Worn under a blazer the plaid shirt is now the statement pattern that’s giving a boost to your overall outfit, without drawing over-excessive attention. The shirt can be worn with dark washed jeans, or a colored blazer.

On the Weekend: Wear a plaid shirts with pants that pick up the pattern that has the less dominant color in the shirt. For instance, if you’re wearing a plaid shirt with bolder red and blue stripes, and accents of white, you would wear white pants to highlight the white.

Our goal is to create a coherent look from head to toe by pairing the plaid shirt with key wardrobe essential pieces.

In fall 2014, plaid shirts are not your typical kilt-patterned or lumberjack-style red flannel shirts. They are bolder in pattern, multi-colored, two- striped, and can be worn with ties, blazers and jackets.

Want to replace the plaid? Replace your plaid with checks! Checks can belong everywhere from your hat to your sneakers!

Her Take: “Putting on a blazer to top off an outfit can add the edge necessary to turn heads and add some subtle- or not- class to complete a look.” (Parris, 25)

For these fall fashion trends, check out:

  • Banana Republic
  • Zara
  • H&M

The Sporty Man

His Style: The Sweatpants  Here in Vancouver, we are very health-conscious. We strive for a healthy lifestyle and enjoy the natural landscapes and scenic views that Vancouver offers. But, do we always have to look like we are at the gym?

Here is how to achieve an effortless athletic-inspired, casual look that both reflects your fashion sense and highlights those muscles you’ve been working hard on throughout the summer.

Slim, fit, sweats – To the gym: You can wear fitted sweatpants straight from the movies to the gym.

Pair them with: a basic T-Shirt, leather jacket or fitted varsity jacket. This fall is all about leaving buttons undone and layering. Don’t forget your trendy backpack or old school gym bag.

From the gym to the movies:

The last thing you want to do is carry a change of clothes including an over-sized jacket. You might want to carry a new basic T-Shirt and underwear to keep things fresh.

However layering after the gym is the fall’s new way to invest in this season. Below is a list of layering options:

  • Vest: Button every button except the top and bottom.
  • Basic T-Shirt
  • Shirt or long-sleeved shirt over T-Shirt. Button front.
  • or CPO (Chief Petty Officer) jacket worn as an over garment.

Shoes: Nike Jordan’s color shoes or white sneakers.

The Trendsetter: #trending

Why not wear your latest trend to the gym? The gym is a great place to make a statement or to catch the eye of that hot babe on the elliptical.

The Designer for Sporty Men

Everyone is looking for the next best thing in Canada, and especially Toronto is having a major moment right now. This should not be news to us fashion lovers.

One key brand that is showing sure proof of this, is Needs & Wants, designed by Sean Brown. The brand was recognized first by its varsity jackets and pants for thick thighs. They incorporated color blocking and contrasting sleeves and leather. This brand is very hard to get a hold of but can of course be found online.

Her Take: “I absolutely love the slim fitted sweatpants especially when a man has muscular legs and just bring the masculinity up a notch, without being over the top.” (Anonymous)


The Business Man

His Style: Fitted suit or corduroy suit – We all know the image of the typical businessman but this fall, I’m going to show you how to mix it up. If you are looking for a new fall suit that will ramp up your style and save you money, then, man, do I have the suit for you!

The Corduroy Suit

Even though corduroy material is warm and sturdy, corduroy is affordable because it’s usually made from cotton. The cotton actually is soft and makes your look more three-dimensional.

The Fitted Suit

Can be seen a lot on men in the last few years. It’s sexy and timeless.

Recreation of the Three Piece Suit

Wear your new corduroy suit, and layer light stuff under it. For example: lightweight cashmere sweater underneath that won’t add bulk. Corduroy suits are now being made with the slimmest silhouette, which is making it look new and urban. Wear it with dress shoes. Work boots or sneakers.

Her Take:

“Men in suits have always been known to be able to make girls (and guys) swoon. Taking the simple but masculine suit up a notch by wearing different textures or patterns can heighten this effect. If you can tell a man has direction in life, and an incredible sense of style, he’s a keeper!” (Serena, 19)

The I-don’t-know-what-to-wear Man

There are 12 essential wardrobe pieces that are a must-have for men.

  • Blazer
  • Trouser
  • Oxford shoes or dress shoes
  • Trench coat
  • Jacket
  • Jeans
  • Dress Shirt
  • Sweater
  • Tie
  • Belt
  • Basic T-Shirt
  • Sunglasses & Watch

These 12 essentials should form the foundation of any successful wardrobe and are essential for every man.

You can take these essentials and create a day-to-night look. These 12 key wardrobe pieces can be made into more than just one outfit.

You might not be a trendsetter but by owning these pieces you can have that timeless masculinity you have always wanted.

These 12 key wardrobe essentials allow you to mix and match with current trends that appeal to you so that you can wear an effortless look every time you walk out the door.

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