At March’s 2016 Vancouver Fashion Week, model Kimber London wore a jumpsuit by Annafora on the runway. The garment had been donated to Elephantasia, “a fashion forward exhibit and ethical movement to prevent the extinction of African elephants,” so London was already making a statement by modelling to support the cause. However, she also got the crowd talking about her look; as one of few models with a shaved head, London stood out at the event.

She identifies as a freelance model working primarily out of Seattle, Washington, though she travels around the Pacific Northwest. Below is Metro Living Zine’s exclusive interview with Kimber London.

How, and When did you get your start in fashion?

When I shaved my head. I was living in Los Angeles at the time attending Massage Therapy school. Photographers started pulling me off the streets to shoot, so I went with it. Two and a half years later, it’s still my brand.

Do you have a muse?

I would have to say Lady Gaga is my muse. I’m a die hard “Little Monster”, got a tattoo the day of her show (which happened to be my birthday that year), and I obsessively follow her career. She is such a champion for the underdog, and she inspires so many youth to pursue their dreams with the Born Brave Foundation, which everyone should go donate to right now!

Which part of the job as a model do you love? Which part do you dislike?

I love the rush of the runway, walking out with all eyes on you. I’m sure there is no drug that can compensate for that high. I detest the culture of “model thin”. Many of the young women on the runway are actually under 18 years old, and are being told they need to lose ridiculous amounts of weight for their proportions, or how they need to work out, and what they need to eat. I respect Paris leading the way with requiring a healthy BMI for the runway, and believe the world is recognizing that being sample size isn’t realistic to the target market.

Which three models inspire you, and why?

Cara Delevigne because she’s so hot, but she’s more than a model. She’s a fun girl who has a personality, and isn’t afraid to be goofy. Tyra Banks because she is a fearless business woman, sassy supermodel, and joyful soul. Then Kendall Jenner because I’m always keeping up with the Kardashians, and I love how she has grown into her own, and is so fierce, and fabulous.

What do you love, and dislike about Vancouver?

I love how International the city is, the diverse backgrounds, and cultures that find their way here. I detest the crime. One of my girlfriends had her car with everything in it, including passport, and computer, stolen within 20 minutes of arriving to town, and another had 15k of camera gear go missing after a show.

What words of advice would you give to someone starting off in the business that you wish you had been given when you were starting out?

Don’t confide in anyone unless they’re a handler or Manager. Everyone talks about everyone so it’s best to avoid the gossip train.

If your house was burning down, which three things would you take with you?

My Korg portable piano, and my baby blankets (I have two of them). To be honest, if I took my piano, it’s so heavy I’d probably not make it, but I’d die trying!

Do your parents approve of you being a model?

My parents aren’t really the approving, or disapproving type. They think it’s fun that I’m a model, and that I’m passionate about it, but I think they are concerned about my safety. There are sometimes unanticipated scenarios when you’re travelling, and working with people you’ve never met before, and I’m sure they wonder how I plan to sustain myself in this career. I just tell them to keep watching, and waiting.

If you were not a model, what other job would you be doing?

Well, considering I am working in other careers as a musician, and a massage therapist, I would have to say those!

What is the one fashion trend you wish had never happened?

Ultra low-rise pants. If you have to shave to wear them, they’re too low!

Kimber London Runway Video