Host: The Post at 750, 750 Hamilton St.

Friday, March 17th
Introductory- 6-9pm

Saturday, March 18th
The Foundation- 10am-5pm
Lunch Break- 1pm-2pm

Sunday, March 19th
Closing moves 10am-1pm

*Total 12 hours of Work

Cost: $260.00 Tax Incl

Workshop Description:
In this workshop, the foundation of “The William Technique: A Physical Process for Actors” will be explored.

The first area of focus will be on developing physical freedom through an exploration of movement improvisations both in chairs and on the floor. The open choreography of The William Technique will be introduced in addition to the fundamental principals of the Laban and Bartenieff Techniques. Technique is explored both individually and while in relationship with the imaginary world, another actor and ultimately the whole ensemble. Over the course of the workshop we will create an awareness of how our physical mannerisms and defences inhibit the acting process.

Simple tools will be introduced to help the actor release physical tension and activate a body that:

  1. Moves with a greater sense of ease.
  2. Has expansive, three dimensional breathe support.
  3. Is more sensually alive & vulnerable to imaginary circumstances and relationships.

Payment will be accepted via Cash, Cheque, Etransfer or Paypal.

Please Note, all payments and registration MUST be accepted and completed by Monday, March 6th. Receipts will be provided on the first day of class. Auditing is not permitted.

For further details please contact workshop coordinator:
Therés Amee         
c I 604-366-3493
e I

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